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•••■.. * 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 








Published By The Student Body Of 



Wilson, North Carolina 

George-Anne Willard Mary Louise Westphal 

Editor-in-Chief Business Manager 

Milton Rogerson 



. . . I am the light of the world: he that 
followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but 
shall have the light of life. 

John 8:12 

"They shall have the light of life." As the motto 
of Atlantic Christian College, this statement has a 
dual significance. Since the school is church-related, 
the "light" has a religious connotation. It is received 
through belief and faith in Jesus Christ. The other 
meaning of the "light" is in relation to the college 
as an institution of learning. It is received through 
the education and development of the mind. Atlantic 
Christian provides both rays of the "light" to its 
students. It gives "light" to the soul and to the mind. 
The administration and faculty carry the torch of 
light. The glow of this torch is reflected by the stu- 
dents and their activities. As a history of the 1962- 
63 year at Atlantic Christian College, this edition of 
the Pine Knot records student attainment of the 
"light of life." 

PSALMS 84.7 

! They go from strength 10 strength; 
the God of gods will be seen in I 
. Zion. 

' O Lmui God of hosts, bear nrjrV 
give car, O God ofjacob! Sttok 

■ Behold our shield, OGod; 

• look upon ihc face of thine 

■ For a day in ihy courts is better 

than a thousand elsewhere 
I would rather he 3 doorkeeper in 
ibe house of my God 
than dwell in the tents of wicked- 
" For ihc Low God is a sun and 
he bestows favor and honor. 
Noeoodthirni does the Loan with- 
from those who walk upright- 
" O Lord of hosts, 

blessed is ihc man who trusts in 

O C Loan, ihou wast favorable 10 
OJ thy land; 

thou didst restore the for- 
tunes of Jacob. 
' Thi.'ii didst forgive the iniquity of 
thy people; 
thou didst pardon all their sin. 

" Shxe t'j Tiy SstaJfau ig^t 

' Lei mc hear what C 
will speak, 
for he will speak r 

to hi'; saints, to those 1 

to him in their It 
' Surely his salvation is u h 

those who fear him, 
thai glory may dwell in out land. 

* Steadfast love and faithfulness irii 

righteousness and peace will fan 

each other. 
' Faithfulness will spring up from 

the ground, 
and righteousness will look don 

from ihc sky. 

* Yea, the Lean will give art* d 

and our land wilt yield ia in- 

> RijiTteouMWSs trill go before him, 
ami make his footsteps a way. 

q/T Incline thy ear.O Lot*, and 
JJO answer roe, 

for I am poor and needy. 
Preen? my life, for I am godly; 
tavc thy servant who rrustj in 
• Thou art my God; be gracious lo 
me, O Lord, 1 

fa 10 thee do I crv all the day . 
the soul of thy servant, 
O Lord, do I Ijft U p 

Lord, art good and for- 

' There is 1. 
gods, O . 


is thou. 

and bou down before 

and shall clarify thy runic. 
" For ihou an greai anil docst w 
dnius things, 
thou alone an (tod. 


Teach me thy way, O Loan, 
thai [ may walk in ihy truth; 
u unite my heart to (car ihy name. 
I give lhanks to thee, O J.mJ my 
God, with my whole heart, 
and I will glorify ihy name for 
" For great b thy steadfast love 
toward me; 
thou hast delivered my soul from 
the depths of Sheet. 

" O God, insokm men have risen up 
against roe; 
a band of ruthless men seek my 

•ndtiey do not set ihce before 

" ^iihou.OI^ord^aniGodmerci- 
ful and gracious, 

slow to anger and abounding 
in steadfast love and faithful- 
Turn to me and take pity on me; 

Rive thy strength to thy servant, 

and save the ion of ihy hand- 
1 Show me a sign of thy favor, 

that those who bate me may sec 
and be put to shame 

because thou. Loan, hast helped 
me and comforted me. 


On the holy mount stands 
the an be founded; 

the Lara laves die gates of 


We affectionately dedicate the 1963 Pine Knot to 

Dr\ Arthur D- Wenger 

whose kindness, friendliness, understanding, and Christian 
leadership have been an inspiration to all who have known 

As the head of our "college family," Dr. Wenger has 
contributed much to the progress and development of an 
outstanding program of Christian education on our campus. 
He has helped hundreds of young men and women to 
receive the "light of life." 

The influence that our President, Dr. Wenger, has had 
upon our lives forever endears him within our hearts. 

1 1 

They shall have 





the light of life." 

Seeking the "light" 

through study and learning 



♦ • . through fellowship and understanding, 






Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 

North Carolina College Conference 

Association of American Colleges 

North Carolina Council of Church-Related Colleges 

North Carolina Foundation of Church-Related Colleges 

Board of Higher Education of the Disciples of Christ 



Hail, A. C. College, 
Fondly we hail thee, 
Thy loyal children 
Forever are we. 
True to thy blue and white 
Never to fail thee, 
Hail, Alma Mater, 
All hail to thee! 

Hail, thou our Mother, 
Dearly we cherish 
Thy name, enthroned, 
Victorious and free. 
Thy tender memories 
Never shall perish. 
Hail, Alma Mater, 
All hail to thee! 


u JLeoer io fail in our dedication 
of spreading fnaf hgnf; 
never fo fail mee 
wno first gave if to us. " 

Denny Cup Winner, 1954 


Seated from left to right: Dr. H. Gait Braxton, T. Boddie Ward, Dr. T. J. Hackney, Sr., Chairman, J. E. Pas- 
chal, and Ely J. Perry. Standing from left to right: Milton L. Adams, E. R. Sykes, Dr. Arthur D. Wenger, 
Zeb E. Brinson, George H. Adams, Lawrence A. Moye, John W. Cowell, E. J. Wimberly, Paul C. Southard, 
Robert Jones, James Thorton, Jack D. Brinson, Charles F. Rouse, John C. Proctor, Charles M. Thompson, 
Curtis Howard, and Ross J. Allen. 

Under the capable leadership of the Board of Trustees, the administration, and the faculty, Atlantic 
Christian College has made much progress during the 1962-63 school year. 

The Board of Trustees, headed by Dr. T J. Hackney, Sr., has guided the college through a very suc- 
cessful year. Led by President Arthur D. Wenger, the administration has wisely supervised the growth 
and development of the college. The ten academic departments have given more attention than ever to the 
individual needs of the students. 

These leaders of Atlantic Christian have continued to enrich its tradition of Christian education. 
They have realized the importance of combining knowledge with faith and have worked hard to provide 
the students with opportunities to establish their values, to obtain their goals, and to develop spiritual 


^Jrrom ine 
{oen P.' 

J resident \s 

A wise and ancient philosopher has said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." 

During the past year here at Atlantic Christian College we have attempted to set a stage and create 
a climate in which students and faculty might be brought into the kind of encounter which brings mean- 
ingful knowledge of ourselves and our world. In the course of this encounter we have sought to identify 
those aspects of life which make it infinitely worth living and which give meaning to our own role in it. 

We are grateful for all the persons who have had a share in assisting us to move toward that goal. The 
pages of the 1963 Pine Knot will serve to recall to memory their names and faces in the coming years. The 
Editor and staff have produced this record in an attractive and interesting form. All of us express to 
them our sincere appreciation. 

Arthur D. Wenger 



Millard P. Burt 

Dean of the College 

A.B., Atlantic Christian College 

A.M.,, Ph.D. University of North 


Milton L. Adams 

Business Manager 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


R. Worden Allen, Jr. 

Director of Development 
A.B., Atlantic Christian 


B.D., Texas Christian 


James D. Daniell 

Director of Admissions 
A.B., Atlantic Christian 
M.Ed., University of Georgia 


Milton H. Rogerson 

Director of Publicity and 
Special Activities 

John M. Waters 

Special Assistant to the President 

A.B., D.D., Atlantic Christian 



Bethany R. Joyner 

Atlantic Christian College 

D. L. Warren 

Dean of Students and Instructor 

in Education 

A.B., Phillips University 

M.A., East Carolina College 

Daniel J. Hensley, Jr. 

Chaplain, Dean of Men, and 

Instructor in Religion 

A.B., B.D., Texas Christian 


Sarah Bain Ward 

Dean of Women and Instructor 

in Health and Physical Education 

A.B., Atlantic Christian College 

A.M., Columbia University 




Jessie M. Daniel 

Assistant Dean of Women and 

Director of Student Center 
A.B., Atlantic Christian College 

Irene Harrell 

Acting Librarian and Instructor 

A.B., Ohio State University 

B.S. in L.S., University of 

North Carolina 

Anne Solomons 

Assistant Librarian and Instructor 

A.B., Columbia College 

M.A. in L.S., Florida State 


Mary C. Scudder 

Assistant Librarian and Instructor 
B.S., University of Alabama 

Mildred D. Ross 


Irene Gray 




Janie Johnson 

House Mother 

Carrie Louise Whitfield 

House Mother 

Rosa Tyndall 

House Mother 

Ruth W. Dunn 

House Mother 


m.\ j i 

i » 



Dr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Wenger greet Mr. and Mrs. James C. Pfohl at a 
buffet dinner for the college faculty and staff held in September. 


Department Chairmen 


Russell W. Arnold 



Atlantic Christian 


University of North 


Special study, New York Art 

Students League; special study 

with Hans Hoffman. 


George Harry Swain 

B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic 


A.M., M.Ed., further study, 

George Peabody College for 



John R. Scudder, Jr. 

A.B., Vanderbilt University 

A.M., University of Alabama 

B.D., The College of the 


Ed.D., Duke University 


Mildred E. Hartsock 

A.B., A.M., Ph.D., 
University of Cincinnati 


Edward L. Cloyd, Jr. 

B.S., Davidson College 

A.M., University of North 


Further study, Florida State 



Department Chairmen 


Esther L. Long 

A.B., Ellsworth College 

A.M., Ph.D., University of 



J. P. Tyndall 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


A.M., University of 

North Carolina 

Ed. D., University of Florida 


William E. Tucker 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


B.D., Texas Christian 


A.M., Ph.D. Yale 



James V. Cobb, Jr. 

A.B., B. Mus., Southwestern 

at Memphis 

A.M., Boston University 

Further study, University of 

North Carolina, University of 



Daniel M. McFarland 

A.B., University of 

North Carolina 

A.M., Ph.D., University of 




Bobby L. Anderson, Instructor in Business; B.S., 
A.M., East Carolina College. 

James L. Borden, Assistant Professor of Education 
and Psychology; A.B., M.Ed., University of North 

Beniomin H. Bardin, Assistant Professor of Bus- 
iness; A.B., University of North Carolina; M.S., 
Columbia University; further study, University 
of California, Ohio State University. 

Horace P. Benton, Adjunct Instructor in Business; 
B.S., University of North Carolina. 

Janet T. Boles, Instructor in Business; B.S., 
Woman's College, University of North Carolina; 
further study, East Carolina College. 

Bulow W. Bowman, Assistant Professor of Phy- 
sical Education; B.S., Woman's College, Univer- 
sity of North Carolina; M.Ed., University of North 

Assistant Professor 
of Texas; M.F.A., 

of Art; 

Edward C. Brown, 

B.F.A., University 

Virginia Dickens Cannon, Part-time instructor in 
Physical Education; A.B., Atlantic Christian Col- 

Doris F. Capps, Assistant Professor of Education; 
A.B., The College of William and Mary; M.Ed., 
University of Virginia; further study, American 

Robert G. Capps, Associate Professor of Sociology; 
B.S., College of William and Mary; A.M., and 
further study, American University. 

Mary Ruth Clark, Assistant Professor of Business; 
BSSA, M.Ed. Woman's College, University of 
North Carolina. 

Margaret G. Crenshaw, Instructor in History; A.B., 
Columbia College; A.M., University of North 

Janet Mary Danielson, Instructor in Music; B.M., 
M.M., Eastman School of Music. 

John W. Dunn, Associate Professor of Mathema- 
tics; B.S., Appalachian State Teachers College; 
A.M., East Carolina College; further study, Duke 

Dorothy Davidson Eagles, Associate Professor of 
English; A.B., Woman's College, University of 
North Carolina; A.M., University of North 



Vida Elliott, Associate Professor of Education and 
Psychology; A.B., Texas Christian University; 
A.M., University of Minnesota; Ph.D., Hartford 
Seminary Foundation; further study, University of 
Southern California, University of California. 

Robert C. Frazier, Instructor in Mathematics; A.B., 
Atlantic Christian College; A.M., East Carolina 
College; further study, Duke University, Clemson 

Sarah Brewer Gattis, Instructor in History; A.B., 
A.M., University of North Carolina. 

Doris Browder Hall, Instructor in English; A.B., 
Carson-Newman College; A.M., University of 
North Carolina. 

C. H. Hamlin, Professor of Social Studies, semi- 
retired; A.B., College of William and Mary; A.M., 
University of Virginia; Ph.D., George Peabody 
College for Teochers. 

Donald G. Hinshaw, Adjunct Instructor in Music; 
B.S., Davidson College; M.S.M., New Orleans 
Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Robert P. Hollar, Associate Professor of Chem- 
istry; A.B., East Corolina College; A.M., George 
Peabody College for Teachers; further study, New 
York University, East Tennessee State College, 
University of Virginia. 

Catherine Wilson Jeffries, Adjunct Instructor of 
Physical Education; B.S., Atlantic Christian Col- 

Edna L. Johnston, Assistant Professor of English; 
A.B., Atlantic Christian College; A.M., East 
Carolina College; further study, University of 
North Carolina. 

Hugh B. Johnston, Jr., Assistant Professor of 
Modern Language; A.B., Davidson College; A. 
M., George Washington University. 

Elizabeth H. Jordan, Adjunct Instructor in Eng- 
lish; A.B., Wellesley College. 

James E. McComas, Instructor in Physical Educa- 
tion and Head Coach; B.S., North Carolina State 

Sally M. Mclver, Adjunct Instructor in Art; B.S., 
Atlantic Christian College; A.M., East Carolina 

Naomi E. Morris, Adjunct Professor of Business; 
A.B., Atlantic Christian College; J.D., University 
of North Carolina. 

Neal O'Neal, Assistant Professor of Music; A.B., 
Davidson College; A.M., University of North 



William O. Paulsell, Assistant Professor of Re- 
ligion; A.B., Texas Christian University; B.D., 
A.M., Vanderbilt University. 

James Christian Pfohl, Jr., Instructor in Physical 
Education; B.S., Wake Forest College; M.Ed., 
University of North Carolina. 

Eugene George Pureell, Jr., Associate Professor 
of Philosophy; A.B., B.D., Duke University. 

Gene Ashton Purvis, Assistant Professor of Educa- 
tion and Director of Student Teaching; B.S., A.M., 
East Carolina College. 

Charles W. Rakow, Instructor in Music; B.M., 
Knox College; M.S.M., Union Theological Sem- 
inary; A.M., University of Denver. 

Vere H. Rogers, Associate Professor of Religion, 
semi-retired; A.B., B.D., Drake University; D.D., 
Lynchburg College. 

Ruby P. Shackleford, Assistant Professor of English; 
A.B., Woman's College, University of North 
Carolina; M.A., East Carolina College. 

Allan R. Sharp, Associate Professor of Religion 
and Director of Ministerial Education; A.B., 
Transylvania College; B.D., College of the Bible; 
further study, University of North Carolina, Uni- 
versity of Pittsburgh, Duke University. 

Virginia C. Skillman, Adjunct Instructor in Phy- 
sical Education; B.S., University of Alabama; 
M.S., Florida State University. 

Kenneth D. St. John, Associate Professor of Ed- 
ucation; B.S., Wittenberg College; A.M., Kent 
State University; Ed.D., University of Pittsburgh. 

Johnnie D. Strickland, Instructor in Physical Ed- 
ucation; B.S., Atlantic Christian College. 

Myrtle Thompson Swain, Assistant Professor of 
Mathematics; B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic In- 
stitute; A.M., Ed.S., further study, George Pea- 
body College for Teachers. 

Warren R. Tait, Assistant Professor of Physics; 
B.Ed., Wisconsin State College; M.Ed., Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. 

Lynn N. West, Assistant Professor of Business; 
B.S., East Carolina College; M.Ed., Woman's Col- 
lege, University of North Carolina. 

Ashton P. Wiggs, Assistant Professor of Business; 
A.B., Atlantic Christian College; A.M., East 
Carolina College. 



George S. Willard, Ad- 
junct Professor of Ed- 
ucation; A.B., East 
Carolina College; A.M., 
North Carolina State 
College; further study, 
Columbia University, 
University of North 

Cecil R. Willis, Associ- 
ate Professor of Eng- 
lish and Drama; A.B., 
Atlantic Christian Col- 
lege; M.A., New York 

Elton D. Winstead, As- 
sistant Professor of Ed- 
ucation, B.S. Atlantic 
Christian College; M. 
Ed., Duke University. 

Janet Winstead, Assist- 
ant Professor of Sci- 
ence; B.S., Midwestern 
University; M.S., Ohio 
University; further 
study, University of 

Walker Willard Wood- 
ard. Adjunct Professor 
of Education; A.B., At- 
lantic Christian Col- 
lege; M.Ed., University 
of North Carolina. 


Edna E. Boykin, Adjunct Instructor in Education; A. B., 
Woman's College, University of North Carolina; A.M., Colum- 
bia University; further study, Duke University. 
Edward B. Holloway, Assistant Professor of History; A.B., 
University of Connecticut; M.A., further study, University of 

John W. Magill, Adjunct Professor of Psychology; B.S., 
Pennsylvania State Teachers College; M.S., Ph.D., University 
of Pittsburgh. 

of Chemistry; B.S., 
University; Ph.D., 

Margaret Newton, Associate Professor 
Sweetbrier College; M.S., New York 
Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. 
G. Thomas Taylor, Instructor in Biology; A.B., Guilford Col- 
lege; A.M., University of North Carolina. 
Roger Westmoreland, Adjunct Professor of Psychology; A.B., 
Johnson Bible College; B.D., Butler University. 
Deems N. Wiggs, Professor of Biology; B.S., M.S., George 
Washington University; Ph.D., Emory University. 

Parents of freshmen are welcomed to a reception in their honor. 

u Jo auencn our cfarAness 
in tne fire of mouanf 
an d bring me lion I 
fo lignien mor/a/s nere" 

William Somerset Maugham 

On September 5, 1962, all roads seemed to 
be leading to Atlantic Christian College, with 
almost four hundred freshmen arriving to begin 
orientation into their college life. 

Greeted by faculty members and student 
leaders, the freshmen soon found themselves 
involved in running the gauntlet of registration, 
receptions, socials, and the dreaded placement 
tests. All these activities, plus meeting new 
roommates, getting used to college food, and 
receiving first letters from home made the first 
week, an unforgettable experience. 

Upperclassmen soon arrived and the entire 
Atlantic Christian College family joined to- 
gether in attending the sixty-first annual con- 
vocation, held in the quadrangle at the center 
of the campus. Dr. Elton D. Trueblood con- 
fronted the group with the challenge of accept- 
ing the responsibilities of not only college ex- 
periences, but also those which must be faced 
in the future. 

Social activities began to play an important 
part in the life of the students with the faculty 
reception which was held to welcome the old 
and the new faces. 

Next on the social scene was the Sadie 
Hawkins Dance sponsored by the Sigma Pis. Stu- 
dents danced to the swinging music of the Rhy- 
thm Rockets, and Betty Brinson was named 
"Most Popular Freshman Girl" during the inter- 



As the new school year moved into full swing. 
Monday evenings found the members of the 1962- 
63 Executive Board heading for the Classroom 
Building. Although the meetings were often long 
and tedious, E. B. Shearin and his "staff" accom- 
plished many of their goals in directing the policies 
of student government. 

The Top Hat Dance became the first formal 
dance of the season. Tall Tomi Parham received 
the honor of being named Mr. Top Hat, and was 
crowned by last year's winner, Rex Home. The 
lobby of the Classroom Building was transformed 
into a gala and entertaining night club, complete 
with kick line and cigarette girls. 

The next big event on the calendar was Fall 
Rush, with the Greeks busy preparing for the com- 
ing visitors by decorating the houses and planning 
programs and skits. After a full week of visiting 
the fraternity and sorority houses, the big day 
came for the two hundred rushees. Bids were re- 
ceived on Friday and with shouts and squeals of 
happiness, the new "pledges" pinned on the rib- 
bons of their chosen organizations. 

The coming of November brought mid-terms, 
flu shots, and a very welcomed Thanksgiving vaca- 
tion. Students returned to find another interference 
with studies . . . basketball games. 

It was hardly December when the Christmas 
spirit invaded the campus. With the Wilson 
Christmas Parade initiating the season, the Christ- 
mas Dance followed and marked the beginning of 
a flurry of yuletide parties, exchanging gifts and 
Christmas Caroling. All this was highlighted, of 
course, by two weeks of holidays. 


The holidays ended much too soon and once 
back at school, the students found themselves 
faced with the prospects of final examinations. 
Although some "geniuses" took them in their 
stride most spent at least a few hours before the 
finals to CRAM! 

For those who survived the first semester and 
for the transfers, the long lines leading to the 
"Ad" Building meant only one thing . . . Registra- 
tion. The spring semester also brought the 
"pledges" finally into the respective brotherhoods 
and sisterhoods, at least those who had obtained 
that important "C" average. 


Homecoming brought old "grads" back to their 
Alma Mater, and they were welcomed with teas, 
luncheons, and receptions. The retirement of Miss 
Mildred Ross was acknowledged in a ceremony in 
the chapel, where friends and acquaintances 
wished her well. 

Another event of the busy week-end was the 
Homecoming basketball game with Campbell Col- 
lege. During intermission, the Atlantic Christian 
College band entertained the spectators, and 
Homecoming Queen Laura Smith and her court 
were presented. 

At the second annual Parent's Day, held on 
Sunday after Homecoming, the visiting families 
were welcomed at a luncheon in the gymnasium. 
A reception was held in the afternoon in the home 
of Dr. and Mrs. Wenger. 

In February, Mr. Estes Kefauver, Senator from 
Tennessee, visited the campus as a part of the 
Jaycee program on College Appreciation. 


Another distinguished guest who visited the 
campus in February was Dr. Winfred E. Garrison, 
the first of the three speakers to be brought by 
the Campus Christian Association in fulfillment 
of the Religious Emphasis Program. 

Perhaps one of the most important accomplish- 
ments of the year was the student participation 
in the fund drive to build a bigger and better 
Atlantic Christian College. Committees, under 
the leadership of Hatten Hodges, were organized 
to contact every member of the student body. 
The long range goal for the total campaign was 
set at a minimum of $750,000 to be used for 
faculty salaries and urgently needed facilities. 

The annual Greek Week was next on the 
agenda, with members participating in a Sing, a 
Stunt Night, and a party at the Wilson Country 
Club. A highlight of the activities featured the 
Ivy League Trio and comedian Lennie Maxwell 
in a concert held in the Fike Senior High School 


The big snow of the year, which came in Febru- 
ary, was greeted by the students with varied 
emotions of joy and displeasure. The campus was 
transformed into a "winter wonderland." Al- 
though classes were held as usual, there was still 
time for fun in the more than six inches of snow. 

This was a year of progress for Atlantic Chris- 
tian College. The remodeling of the Cooperative 
Association Building was of great benefit to all 
students. The construction of the Music Building 
marked another step in the A.C.C. development 
program. Campus organizations completed many 
worthwhile projects, and the academic program 
was strengthened by the addition of new teachers, 
new courses, new equipment, new volumes for the 
library, and a continued striving for high standards 
in the classroom. 




I 39 



Bob Stone President 

Pat Roberson Vice President 

Carol Harper Secretary 

Alease Willoughby Treasurer 


A.C.C. mascot, Gringo, in one of his more friendly 

Q * - 




, * 

Jimmy Strickland conducts a scientific experiment in one of 
those late afternoon lab sessions. 

Billy Israel, Jimmy Adams, and Jess Maghan appear 
as the "Wise Men" at the Sigma Pi Alpha Christmas 



James Keily Adams 

New Bern, N. C. A. B., History 

Delta Sigma Phi, President, Secretary; I.F.C.; 
Junior Class Senator; Chorus; Y.D.C.; Sigma Pi 

Mary Ida Allen 

Winterville, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Rachel Cundiff Amos 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Carolyn Vann Anthony 

Wilson, N. C. B.S. Elementary Education 

Omega Chi; S.N.E.A., Chaplain. 

Patricia Fail Atkins 

Four Oaks, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Johnnie Caswell Baker 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Science and Mathematics Club, President; Day 
Student Representative; Tennis; Intramurals. 

Luther William Bardin, III 

Black Creek, N. C. A.B., History, Political Science 

Kenneth Maurice Barnes 

Chadbourn, N. C. B.S. Business Administration 



Sue West Bass 

Dunn, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 


William S. Bass, Jr. 

Lucama, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Alpha Sigma Phi, Treasurer; House Manager. 

David H. Batchelor, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Chemistry 

Science and Mathematics Club; Band. 

Needom Lloyd Batten, Jr. 

Selma, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Judith Faye Batts 

Macclesfield, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Vivian Jean Beaman 

Walstonburg, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Glenda Carole Benson 

Deep Run, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Robert Charles Bishop 

Philadelphia, Pa. A.B., Religion, Philosophy 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; I.F.C.; Cooperative 
Association, Vice President; Freshman Class 
President; Collegiate Staff; Christian Service 
Workshop, President; "Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and Colleges." 



Tenya Bissett 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Art 

Sigma Tau Chi; Stage and Script; Chorus. 

Betty Lane Bissette 

Spring Hope, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

James Marshall Boswell, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Freshman Class President; C.C.A., President, 
Cabinet Member; Stage and Script. 

Ellen Faye Bradley 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Omega Chi; Stage and Script; Phi Beta Lambda, 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges." 

Henry Grady Bright 

Wilson,' N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club. 



Ann Brinson 

Arapahoe, N. C. 

B.S., Art 

Omega Chi, Recording Secretary, Reporter; Pine 
Knot Staff; W.A.C.R. Radio Club; Band; W.R.A. 

Lennis Brinson, Jr. 

Morehead City, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club, President; Y.D.C., Vice pres- 

Helen Florence Brooks 

Bath, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; S.N.E.A. 

Bernard Andrew Brown 

Raleigh, N. C. B.S., Zoology 

Science and Mathematics Club. 

Janice Maie Brown 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Music 

James Hartwell Brunt, III 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Business 

Nellie Mac Bryan 

Mt. Olive, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Sigma Tau- Chi, Treasurer, Chaplain; Caldwelr 
Hall President; Chorus; W-R-A., Vice President, 

Josephine P. Bundy 

Mt. Olive, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 



June Elizabeth Burwell 

Oxford, N. C. A.B., Political Science 

Phi Sigma Tau; Day Student Council; Stage and 
Script; Sigma Pi Alpha; Pi Alpha, President, 
Secretary-Treasurer; Y.D.C.; "Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges." 

Linda Salter Busby 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English 

Little Review; English Club; Marshal; Sigma Pi 
Alpha; "Who's Who Among Students in Amer- 
ican Universities and Colleges." 

Bobby Dale Byerly 

Linwood, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Marshal; Baseball; Intra- 
murals, Chairman; Physical Education Club. 

Hugh F. Chase 

Macclesfield, N. C. A.B., Spanish 

Sigma Pi Alpha. 

Monnie Aileen Clark 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English, History 

Phi Sigma Tau; Stage and Script; Pi Alpha; 
Y.D.C., Secretary-Treasurer. 

Charles Franklin Cockrell 

Kenly, N. C. B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics 

Science and Mathematics Club, President. 

William Claude Cogdell 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Music 

Band; Chorus; Vocal Ensemble. 



Betty Kaye Condon 

Winton, N. C. B.S., Primary Educatior 

Sigma Tau Chi; Caldwell Hall Dormitory Council; 

Robert Lee Corbett 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Band; Science and Mathematics Club; Intra- 

William Osborne Corbett 

Nashville, N. C. A.B., History 

Kenneth Edward Covington 

Rockingham, N. C. A.B., History 

John Alton Cox, Jr. 

Fayetteville, N. C. A.B., Political Science 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Historian; Hackney 
Hall Council, Vice President; Senior Class Sena- 
tor; Concert and Assembly Committee; Sigma 
Pi Alpha; Pi Alpha, Vice President; Y.D.C. 

William Henry Cox 

Walstonburg, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Cross Country; Track and Field; Physical Educa- 
tion Club, Vice President. 

Janet Sprott Croom 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Martha Frances Dallenger 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., English 

Forensic Art Society, Treasurer. 



Herman Cecil Davis, Jr. 

Hillsboro, N. C. B.S., Art 

William Moore Davis 

Smyrna, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Y.D.C.; N.C.E.A., Membership Committee. 

(Catherine Irene Deane 

Barboursville, Va. B.S., Elementary Education 


Lula Thorne Denny 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Mathematics 

Jean Bragg Daniel 

Elm City, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


John Robert Daniels 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Elbert Lee Davidson 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Christian Service Workshop, President. 

Helen Mae Davis 

Middlesex, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 



Richard Singeltary Denny 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Band; Golf, Lettered, Four Year Award. 

Jerry Michael Dismukes 

Raleigh, N. C. B.S., Chemistry 

Ronald Sherman Dorsey 

Oxford, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda. 

James Leon Earp 

Selma, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Science and Mathematics Club; Golf. 

William Elwood Elmore 

Deep Run, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Delta Sigma Phi, Vice President; Baseball, Let- 
tered; Intramurals; Physical Education Club. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

John W. Eskew 

B.S., Physical Education 

Delta Sigma Phi; Basketball, Lettered; Track, 
Lettered; Physical Education Club. 

Flora Ann Faulkner 

Nashville, N. C. A.B., Physical Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, President, Vice President; I.F.C.; 
Junior Class Treasurer; Women's Dormitory 
Council; W.R.A., Secretary, Treasurer; S.N.E.A.; 
Physical Education Club. 

Kenly, N. C. 

Betty Jean Ferrell 

B.S., Elementary Education 



Diane Gay Price Fleming 

Red Oak, N. C. A.B., Secretarial Administration 

Phi Sigma Tau, Parliamentarian; Phi Beta Lam- 
bda, President; W.R.A.; Pine Knot Queen Candi- 

Robert Bloomer Fleming 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Delta Sigma Phi, Sergeant At Arms; Intramurals; 
Physical Education Club. 

Sylvia Ann Boykin Flowers 

Sims, N. C. A.B., History 

Phi Sigma Tau; Sigma Pi Alpha. 

Sandra Raye Freedman 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Political Science 

Cooperative Association Vice President; Day Stu- 
dent Representative; Stage and Script, Secretary; 
Sigma Pi Alpha, Secretary; Pi Alpha; Y.D.C., 
President; Golden Knot; "Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges." 

Omega Chi; Women's Dormitory Council; S.N 
E.A.; W.R.A. 

Euell Gene Goss 

Durham, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 



Hilda Annette Griffin 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English 

Omega Chi, Historian; Social Committee; C.C.A., 
Secretary; Sigma Pi Alpha, Treasurer. 

Tempie Ann Griffin 

Wendell, N. C. B.S., Secretarial Administration 

Omega Chi, Pledge Trainer; I.F.C.; W.R.A., Clock 
Golf Champion/ Cheerleader, Chief. 

Henely Styles Hales 

Roseboro, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 
Accounting Club; Y.D.C.; Intramurals; Baseball. 

Mary Alice Hamilton 

Four Oaks, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Dewey Wayne Hanna 

Pamplico, S. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda; Intramurals. 

Willis Stanton Hardesty 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club, Vice-President. 

Carol Ruth Harper 

Deep Run, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, Secretary; Junior Class Secre- 
tary; Senior Class, Secretary; Social Committee, 
Chairman; Caldwell Hall Dorm Council, Secre- 
tary; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A.; Homecoming Queen 

Frank Ray Harrison 

Williamston, N. C. A.B., Religion 



Barney Hiram Hinnant 

Kenly, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Executive Board; Day Student Representative. 

Roland Hatten Hodges, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sophomore Class Senator, 
Collegiate, Editor, Assistant Editor; Stage and 
Script; Y.D.C., Treasurer; Golden Knot Honor So- 
ciety; Intramurals. 

Raeford Wendell Holland, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Recorder; I.F.C. 

Lionel T. Holloman, Jr. 

Harrellsville, N. C. A.B., History 

Rebecca Joyce Harrison 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Sherri Sue Hearn 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, Treasurer; Executive Board; Sen- 
ior Senator; Pine Knot Staff; W.R.A.; Forensic 
Art Society. 

Johnnie Kerns High 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Patricia Blanche Hines 

Kinston, N. C. A.B., Christian Education 

Omega Chi; C.C.A., President; Christian Service 
Workshop; Golden Knot Honor Society; Elaine 
Waters Cup; "Who's Who Among Students in 
American Universities and Colleges." 



Henry Neal Howell 

Pikeville, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda. 

Jane Gold Howell 

Kenly, N. C. B.S., Biology 


Donald Eugene Hutson 

Palatka, Fla. B.S., Elementary Education 


Donald Wayne Ivey 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Marvin Kramer Jackson 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Pi Alpha. 

Allyce Yvonne Jeanes 

Sims, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Phi Beta Lambda. 

Robert David Jenkins 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Charles Richard Johnson 

Gastonia, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Chaplain; C.C.A.; Christian 
Service Workshop, Service Chairman, Vice-Pres- 
ident; Collegiate Staff; Stage and Script; Sigma 
Pi Alpha; Golden Knot Honor Society; Circle K, 
Secretary; Intramurals. 



Paul Douglas Lamm 

Lucama, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club. 

Glenn David Langston 

Four Oaks, N. C. A.B., History 


Janice Louise Johnson 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Elementary Education 


Lewis Roy Jones 

Oxford, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda. 

Jerry Jay Juren 

Eureka, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Willard Shelton Justice 

Bowden, N. C. A.B., French 

Sigma Pi Alpha. 

Evan Richard Keel 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Science and Mathematics Club. 

Alma Joyce LaCelle 

Selma, N. C. A.B., Music 

Women's Dormitory Council; Chorus; Vocal En- 
semble; Chapel Choir. 


Martha Griffin Waltrip Leach 

Owensboro, Ky. B.S., Elementary Education 

Omega Chi, Vice-President; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Peggie La Rue Leonard 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Helen Faye Lewis 

Fremont, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Sigma Tau Chi. 

Frances Marie Lucas 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Frances Boyett McLendon 

Louisburg, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Faye Lee MacKinnon 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Music, English 

Vocal Ensemble; English Club; "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Universities and 

Jesse L. Maghan 

Arlington, Va. A.B., History 

Delta Sigma Phi.; Men's Dormitory Association, 
President; Collegiate, Assistant Editor; Bulldog, 
Publication Committee; Sigma Pi Alpha; Forensic 
Art Society. 

Richard Mathias Mansfield, III 

Camden, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Baseball; Intramurals; Physical Education Club. 



Kenneth Allen Moore 

Winterville, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Mildred Hayes Moore 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, President; Executive Board, Sec- 
retary; C.C.A., Council; S.N.E.A., Golden Knot 
Honor Society. 

Samuel Thomas Moore, Jr. 

Washington, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; CCA. Executive Board; 
Freshman Class President; Junior Class Senator; 

William Daniel Moore 

Harrells, N. C B.S., Physical Education 

Basketball; Baseball; Intramurals, Council Presi- 
dent; Physical Education Club, President. 

Richard Cecil Marks 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 
Delta Sigma Phi. 

Charles Thomas Martin 

Four Oaks, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Frank R. Mercer 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club. 

Virginia Grady Millard 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Omega Chi, Treasurer; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 



William Grant Moosha 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English 

Nell Grimsley Morris 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., History 


Clarence Nichols 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Baseball; Intramurals; Physical Education Club. 

Donald E. Overman, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Accounting Club, Reporter; 
Phi Beta Lambda; Sigma Pi Alpha; Pi Alpha; Y. 
D.C .; Intramurals. 

Edwin Thomas Parham, Jr. 

Cary, N. C. B.S. Physical Education, English 

Golden Knot Honor Society; Basketball; Tennis; 
Physical Education Club, Secretary; "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Universities and 

Seoul, Korea 

Namcho Park 

A.B., Political Science 

Shirley Ruth Parker 

Jacksonville, N. C. B.S. Elementary Education 

Judith McQueen Parrish 

Delta Sigma, President, Vice-President, Rush 
Chairman; I.F.C.; Harper Hall President; Bohunk 
Committee; Band; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A., President, 
Vice-President; Physical Education Club. 



Ted Alan Perry 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Basketball; Baseball; Physical Education Club. 

Sylvia Ruth Perterson 

Charleston, S. C. A.B., Religion, English 

Omega Chi, Corresponding Secretary; Chaplain; 
Harper Hall Council; CCA. Christian Service 
Workshop, Secretary, Treasurer; Stage and Script; 
W.R.A.; Chorus; Chapel Choir; Homecoming 
Queen Candidate. 

Thomas Earl Pierson 

Raleigh, N. C. A.B., Political Science 

Pi Alpha, Secretary; Y.D.C, President. 

Kenneth Wayne Plaster 

Fieldale, Va. B.S., Physical Education 

Stage and Script; Baseball; Intramurals; Physical 
Education Club; Cross Country. 

Ted Oliver Peacock 

Pikeville, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

Sigma Pi, Treasurer; I.F.C, Vice-President; Ac- 
counting Club; Intramurals. 

Anna Gertrude Peel 

Everetts, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Omega Chi, Secretary, Historian; Bohunk Com- 
mittee; Women's Dorm Association, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Harper Hall Council; S.N.E.A., Vice-Presi- 
dent, Membership Chairman; W.R.A. 

Durwood Stone Pegram 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

S.N.E.A.; Science and Mathematics Club; Y.D.C; 
Baseball; Physical Education Club. 

Charles Wesley Perkinson 

Wise, N. C. A.B., Political Science 



Kenly, N. C. 

Betty Lou Pope 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Janice Grey Pope 

Coats, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Richard Thomas Powell 

Elizabeth City, N. C. A.B., History 


Wade Hampton Privette, Jr. 

Black Creek, N. C. A.B., Business Administration 
Cross Country; Track and Field; Intramurals. 

Melvin Green Purvis 

Carthage, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club; Phi Beta Lambda. 

Linda Bridgers Raper 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Danford E. Raynor 

Benson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

William Randolph Reese 

Henderson, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Science and Mathematics Club; Intramurals. 


Mary Patricia Roberson 

Durham. N. C. 

A.B., Art 

Phi Sigma Tau; Junior Class Vice-President; Sen- 
ior Class Vice-President; Stage and Script; Chor- 
us; Vocal Ensemble; Chapel Choir; W.R.A., Vice- 
President; Assistant Publicity Chairman. 

William Earl Roberts 

New Bern, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Maryann Katherine Robertson 

Hertford, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Christian Service Workshop, Secretary. 

Edith Inez Sasser 

Pikeville, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

S.N.E.A., Treasurer; W.R.A. 

Carlaine Jones Richards 

Kensington, Md. A.B., History 

Phi Sigma Tau; Womens Dormitory Council; 
Pine Knot Staff; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A.; Social Com- 
mittee; Homecoming Queen Candidate. 

James 6. Richardson, Jr. 

Toano, Va. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club. 

Jerry Arthur Ridling 

Memphis, Tenn. A.B., Religion, Philosophy 

C.C.A., President; Christian Service Workshop, 
Vice-President; Collegiate Staff; Chief Marshal; 
Golden Knot Honor Society; Intramurals, "Who's 
Who Among Students in American Universities 
and Colleges." 

Jacquelyn Faye Rivenbark 

Lexington, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, Vice-President, Treasurer, Pledge 
Trainer; Executive Board; Womens Dorm Asso- 
ciation, President, Vice-President; W.R.A.; S.N.E. 
A., President. 



Sebron Graver Sasser 

Mt. Olive, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Caswell Eure Shaw 

Elm City, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Christian Service Workshop 

Elmo B. Shearin, Jr. 

Littleton, N. C. B.S., Mathematics, Chemistry 

Cooperative Association President; W.A.C.R. 
Staff, Organizer, Manager; Stage and Script, 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Uni- 
versities and Colleges." 

Charles Glenwood Smith 

Salemburg, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Y.D.C.; Baseball; Intramurals; Physical Educa- 
tion Club. 

Gurney Ray Smith 

Robbins, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Basketball; Tennis; Physical Education Club. 

Panrice Parks Smith 

Elm City, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Charlie James Spell 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi. 

Barbara Carr Stevens 

Newton Grove, N.C. B.S., Elementary Education 



Lonnie Stephen Taylor 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Science and Mathematics Club. 

Mary Anna Taylor 

Stovall, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

W.R.A., President, Woman of the Year Award. 

Fredrick Elwood Tetterton, Jr. 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 
Accounting Club. 

Sam Thornton, Jr. 

Four Oaks, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Cross Country; Track and Field; Basketball; Phys- 
ical Education Club. 

Phyllis Ann Stephenson 

Smithfield, N. C, B.S., Elementary Education 

Robert Mershon Stone 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Religion, Philosophy 

Executive Board; Junior Class President; Senior 
Class President; Christian Service Workshop, 
Vice-President; Collegiate, Assistant Editor, Re- 
porter; Band, Drum Major; Tennis; Denny Essay 
Cup Award; Forensic Art Society, Vice-President. 

James Odell Strickland, Jr. 

Selma, N. C, B.S., Chemistry 

Science and Mathematics Club. 

Ralph Davis Stroud 

Seven Springs, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Alpha Sigma Phi, President, Vice-President, Sec- 
retary; I.F.C.; Intramurals, Council; Physical Ed- 
ucation Club. 



Walter Lyndo Tippett 

Zebulon, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club, YDC. 

Billy Dock Toler 

Goldsboro, N. C. A.B., History 

Joe Par Tolson 

Tarboro, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Alpha Sigma Ph 

Carolyn Ruth Waller 

Mount Olive, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Omega Chi; Science and Mathematics Club. 

Eleanor Kay Walters 

Fuquay Springs, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Delta Sigma, President, Reporter; I.F.C.; Wom- 
en's Dormitory Council; Pine Knot Staff; Chorus; 
Phi Beta Lamba; S.N.EA.; W.R.A.; Homecoming 
Queen Candidate. 

Harriet Louise Watson 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; Band; Chorus; Chapel Choir; 
S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 


Mary Luella Webb 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English, History 

Phi Sigma Tau, Secretary; Stage and Script, Pres- 
ident; Y.D.C. 

Lorraine Wells 

Lake Park, Fla. A.B., Religious Education 

Evelyn Edwards Whitley 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Mathematics 

Sigma Tau Chi, Reporter; Caldwell Hall Council, 
Vice-President; S.N.E.A.; Science and Mathe- 
matics Club, Secretary-Treasurer; Golden Knot 
Honor Society; W.R.A.; "Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and colleges." 


Delta Sigma, Treasurer, Scholarship Chairman; 
I.F.C.; Dormitory Council; S.N.E.A., Secretary; 

Peggy Lee Wilder 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Religious Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; C.C.A., Worship Chairman; 
W.R.A.; S.N.E.A. 

Donald Caldwell Williamson 

Clinton, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Comptroller; Accounting Club; 
Y.D.C; Circle K. Club; Intramurals. 



Preston Dale Williamson 

Hamlet, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Activities Chairman, Intram- 
urals Chairman; C.A.C.; Sophomore Class Vice- 
President; Band; Y.R.C., President; Baseball; 
Cross Country; Track and Field Intramurals, Stu- 
dent Supervisor; Physical Education Club. 

Mary Alease Willoughby 

Ahoskie, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi, Historian; I.F.C.; Cooperative As- 
sociation Secretary; Senior Class Treasurer; Wom- 
en's Dormitory Association, Treasurer; Caldwell 
Hall Council; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A.; Chorus; Pine 
Knot Queen Candidate; Homecoming Queen Can- 

James Thomas Wilson 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Bohunk Governing Board; Head Athletic Man- 
ager; Physical Education Club. 

Paul Lewis Wilson 

Hurdle Mills, N. C. 
Chorus; Stage and Script 

Anne Miles Wood 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Lindy Murray Wood 

Raleigh, N. C. B.S. Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda. 

Charles Raymond Woodall, Jr. 

Selma, N. C. A.B., History 


Joyce Marie Woodard 

Princeton, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 





Rex Home President 

Hatten Hodges Vice President 

Sidney Jean Wilson Secretary 

Janice Lamm Treasurer 


Snow comes to the Atlantic Christian College 
Campus, but not enough to discontinue classes. 

Rex Home, Junior Class President, and Bob Bishop 
present Dr. Wenger with Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge cords 
for the Development Fund. 

Junior Carol Carawan reigns as queen over 
the Wilson Christmas parade. 



June Elizabeth Abbott 
Wilson, N. C. 

James Roy Adams 

Belhoven, N. C. 

Warren Ray Alberty 

Dobson, N. C. 

David Monroe Alford 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Kay Allen 

Farmville, N. C. 

George William Angel 

Madison, N. C. 

Albert Graham Atkins 

Durham, N. C. 

James Glenn Aycock 

Fremont, N. C. 

Fred Stanley Ayscue 

Henderson, N. C. 

Julian Sylvester Bamhill, Jr. 

Windsor, N. C. 

James Lemuel Bartlett 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Betty Louise Baucom 

Durham, N. C. 

Bobby Glenn Beaman 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jane H. Becker 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

C. E. Maurice Belanger 

Colon, Republic of Panama 

John Linwood Benson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Linda Rose Benson 

Clayton, N. C. 

James Garvin Bishop 

Wilson, N. C. 

Frederick Gray Bogue 

Fremont, N. C. 

John Arthur Boyd 

Washington, N. C. 

Sarah Carolyn Boyette 

Kenly, N. C. 

Lester Gold Brantley, Jr. 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Rebecca Ann Brantley 

Zebulon, N. C. 

Nancy Elizabeth Britt 

Colerain, N. C. 



Ray Jackson Brown 

Colerain, N. C. 

Mary Jo Buffaloe 

Garner, N. C. 

Linda Lou Bunn 

Sims, N. C. 

Charles A. Burr 

Wilson, N. C. 

Carolyn Maxine Cameron 

Sonford, N. C. 

Barbara Jean Capps 

Chadbourn, N. C. 

Carol Dean Carawan 

Norfolk, Va. 

Anthony Milton Chesson 

Roper, N. C. 

Darrow Ross Clark 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Sandra Huggins Cogdell 

Elizabeth, N. C. 

Patricia Ann Collins 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Jewel Faye Cooper 

Spray, N. C. 

Lou Lyon Craig, Jr. 

Windsor, N. C. 

Bonnie Charlene Cuddington 

Fremont, N. C. 

Grover T. Dees 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Jenny Lou Dees 

Wilson, N. C. 

Goldie Mae Douglas 

Sanford, N. C. 

Maurice H. Edmundson 

Fremont, N. C. 

Linda Darlene Edwards 

Wilson, N. C. 

Patricia Austin Edwards 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Phillip Henry Ellis 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

Elizabeth Anne Ferrell 

Wilson, N. C. 

James Etheldred Floors 

Princeton, N. C. 

Linda Fay Forrest 

Roxboro, N. C. 



Sandra Mozelle Franklin 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

William E. Fugate 

Frankfort, Ind. 

Lawrence L. Gibbs 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

William H. Gill 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Clarence Horton Godwin 

Cofield, N. C. 

David Lester Godwin 

LaGrange, N. C. 

William R. Gupton 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Ralph Gurganus 

Plymouth, N. C. 

Johnnie Daniel Hales 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Lauder Evans Hall 

Wilson, N. C. 

Quinton R. Hare, Jr. 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Harry Guynn Harreli 

Rose Hill, N. C. 

Elizabeth Louise Harris 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Linda Warrick Harris 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Terry Wayne Harris 

Washington, N. C. 

Glenn Reese Hart, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Virginia Ann Hayes 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jo Ann Herring 

Wilson, N. C. 

Tommie Shelron Hopkins 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Patricia Ann Home 

Wilson, N. C. 

Rexford Lee Home 

Kinston, N. C. 

Martha Lynn Houseman 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Jimmy Lamont Howell 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Boyd Artz Isley 

Durham, N. C. 



James Hartwell Jenkins 

La Crosse, Va. 

Robert Edward Jensen 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Mary Elizabeth Johnston 

Tennille, Ga. 

Claude Venice Jones, Jr. 

Durham, N. C. 

William Revil Jones, Jr. 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Lina Jane Joyner 

Wilson, N. C. 

Marcia Kallfelz 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Richard Clayton Keel 

Robersonville, N. C. 

Janet Carolyn Kelly 

Sanford, N. C. 

William Lane Kilpatrick 

Dover, N. C. 

Charles H. Lamm 

Lucama, N. C. 

Janice Elizabeth Lamm 

Wilson, N. C. 

Roger Neil Langston 

Wilson, N. C. 

Douglas E. Ledbetter 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Robert W. Leonard 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Bobby Lee Lynch 

Macon, N. C. 

Onnalee Jean McElhaney 

Beaver, Penn. 

Dwight Arthur McKeown 

Arlington, Va. 

Elizabeth McMillan 

Wilson, N. C. 

'James David Maples 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Evelyn Marie Medlin 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Sandling King Merritt 

Clinton, N. C. 

Diane Dee Moore 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ira Franklin Muse, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. 


Patricia Mavis Neal 

Wilson, N. C. 

Arnold Nilsen, Jr. 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Preston Nixon, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Myrtle Johnne Owens 

Wilson, N. C. 

Glenda Faye Parker 

Benson, N. C. 

Jo Ann Creech Parker 

Pine Level, N. C. 

David H. Peebles, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Edward Tull Perkins 

Wendell, N. C. 

George Thomas Pippin, III 

Pittsburgh, Penn. 

Herbert J. Pippin 

Wendell, N. C. 

Brenda Pittman 

Lucama, N. C. 

Charles Eugene Price 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Sara Lou Pritchard 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Marian Gray Pulley 

Durhcm, N. C. 

Eloise Martin Reel 

New Bern, N. C. 

James Namon Register 

Clinton, N. C. 

James W. Rogers 

Williamston, N. C. 

Judith Lynn Rose 

Newton Grove, N. C. 

Marilyn Moore Sebum 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sue Ellen Smith 

Bolton, N. C. 

Thurman Leonidas Smith 

Roseboro, N. C. 

Wendell Chester Spruill, Jr. 

Roper, N. C. 

Larry Foster Stegall 

Norlina, N. C. 

Sandra Ann Stott 

Bailey, N. C. 



Miley Willard Strickland, Jr. 

Richmond, Va. 

Douglas L. Swain 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Patricia Anne Taylor 

Rich Square, N. C. 

John Edwin Thigpen 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Kenneth Ray Thorton 

Newton Grove, N. C. 

Lorrie Kay Tunnell 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Mary Edna Vick 

Bailey, N. C. 

Earl Thomas Wade 

Lasker, N. C. 

Gerald Denver Walston 
Wilson, N. C. 

Anne M. Waters 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Muriel Faye Weeks 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Bobby Ray West 

Saratoga, N. C. 

Mary Louise Westphal 

Wilson, N. C. 

Donnie Wilson Wheeler 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Warren Martin Whitehurst, Jr, 

Wilson, N. C. 

Glen Franklin Whitley 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Mack Arthur Whitley 

Wilson, N. C. 

George-Anne Willard 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sidney Jean Wilson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Walter William Woodard, Jr. 

Pendleton, N. C. 

Elizabeth Carol Wooten 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

Julius Curtis Wooten 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

Elinor A. Workman 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sue Hara Wrench 

Roseboro, N. C. 



Jerry Ashworth President 

Bud Cagle Vice President 

Susan Webb Secretary 

Gary Faison ... Treasurer 

Stage and Script presents The Importance 
of Being Ernest, with Ann Morgan and Lynn 
Norfleet playing two of the leading roles. 

"Smile, you may be on Candid Camera!' 

Atlantic Christian College beauty, Gina Allen, 
waves to spectators during the Christmas 



Edna Pearl Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Harold Gene Allen 
Lillington, N. C. 

Virginia Wright Allen 

FarmvMIe, N. C. 

Aletha Dale Arnold 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Jerry Lynn Ashworth 

Finly, Ind. 

Brenda H. Atkins 

Wilson's Mills, N. C. 

William Burke Autry 

Durham, N. C. 

Joyce Avent 

Whitakers, N. C. 

William Ervin Baggett 

Richlands, N. C. 

Barbara Pyle Baldwin 
Durham, N. C. 

Barbara Jean Barefoot 

Wilson, N. C. 

Doris C. Barefoot 

Benson, N. C. 

Nancy Elizabeth Bazemore 

Cofield, N. C. 

Raymond Carson Benthall 
Woodland, N. C. 

Eleanor G. Bizzell 

Kinston, N. C. 

Jamie Mixon Bonner, Jr. 
Aurora, N. C. 

Robert Alexander Bonner 

Hopewell, Va. 

June Earle Boswell 

Wilson, N. C. 

Gambie M. Bowers 

Richmond, Va. 

Jerry Leonard Bowers 

Morehead City, N. C. 

Jane Colie Bradshaw 

Fremont, N. C. 

Tempie Ann Brake 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Willard Brewer, Jr. 
Selma, N. C. 

Donald Edward Brubaker 

Kinston, N. C. 

Hubert White Burden 

Hertford, N. C. 

James B. Burroughs 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Linda Marshall Burrows 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Joseph Graham Cagle, Jr. 

Wendell, N. C. 

Olinda Camden 

Wilson, N. C. 

Larry Alton Carroll 

Dunn, N. C. 

Woody C. Caton 

New Bern, N. C. 

Donald Ray Clack 

Clinton, N. C. 

Janice Marie Clark 

Kinston, N. C. 

Joyce Leigh Copeland 
Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Janice Marie Cousins 

St. Pauls, N. C. 



Betty Lou Croom 

Kinston, N. C. 

Harold Bragg Daniel, Jr. 

Elm City, N. C. 

William Thomas Darden 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

James Charles Dougherty 

Islandton, S. C. 

Hugh Grant Daurity, Jr. 

Sanford, N. C. 

Gerafdine Valerie Deans 

Wilson, N. C. 

Carolyn Ann Dixon 

Griffon, N. C. 

Roland Albert Dodson, Jr. 

Durham, N. C. 

Jarvis Donnie Edwards 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Danny Lee Ellis 

Fountain, N. C. 

William Jesse Etheridge 

Wilson, N. C. 

Gary Wayne Faison 

Richmond, Va. 

Eloise Yvonne Faucette 

Browns Summit, N. C. 

David Eugene Fernald 

Auburn, Moss. 

Paul Forbes Flowers 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

Sally Barnes Forbes 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sandra Eliza Gaskins 

Greenville, N. C. 

Linda Joyce Goodwin 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Richard Wayne Gray 

Wanchese, N. C. 

Lucille Greene 

Trenton, N. C. 

Thomas Eugene Gregory 

Portsmouth, Va. 

George Erick Griffin 

Elm City, N. C. 

Mary Guilford 

Aurora, N. C. 

Betsy Marilyn Hall 

Laurinburg, N. C. 

Vicki Davis Hall 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Marcus Hamilton 

Lexington, N. C. 

Sylvia McLomb Hansley 
Wilson, N. C. 

Jessie Lynn Hardison 

Plymouth, N. C. 

Sandra Elaine Hardison 

Williamston, N. C. 

Robert B. Hardister 

Durham, N. C. 

Wilford Ray Hare 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Robert R. Harrigan 
Devon, Conn. 

Judy Evelyn Hartley 

Princess Anne, Va. 

Virginia Moore Hays 

Kinston, N. C. 

Leland M. Heath, Jr. 

Deep Run, N. C. 


Gene Frederick Herring 

Warsaw, N. C. 

Lucy Ann Hicks 

Norlina, N. C. 

Mallie Todd Holmes 
Farmville, N. C. 

Ruth Elaine Honeycuit 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Tony Harold Inscore 

Elm City, N. C. 

Huldah Gray Jernigan 

Bladenboro, N. C. 

Gary G. Johnson 

Frankfort, Ind. 

Otis H. Johnston, Jr. 

Belhaven, N. C. 

Gareth Bryant Jones 

Richlands, N. C. 

Kenneth Covington Jordan 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lloyd Allyn Julien, Jr. 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Betty Joyce Killingsworth 

Kinston, N. C. 

Jefferson Kilpatrick, Jr. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Virginia Ann Kirby 

Lucama, N. C. 

Janice Ellsworth LaCelle 

Selma, N. C. 

Jimmy 5. Lamm 

Durham, N. C. 

Vivian Johnson Lamm 

Kenly, N. C. 

Ruby Lamm Lancaster 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Gloria Lane 

Hickory, Va. 

Maloye Richardson Latham 

Wilson, N. C. 

R. Gerald Leach 

Hicksville, N. Y. 

Judy Dean Lee 

Arapahoe, N. C. 

Mortimer Uriel Leete 

Durham, N. C. 

Kay Jeanette Little 

Saratoga, N. C. 

Charles Martin Lockamy 

Warsaw, N. C. 

Frank Steve Love, Jr. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Ronald Dow McKeel 

Wilson, N. C. 

Betty Ann Matthews 

Wilson, N. C. 

Margaret R. Mayer 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Carolyn Ann Mayo 

Washington, D. C. 

Horace M. Meacomes 

Bailey, N. C. 

Elmer Ray Mercer 

Wilson, N. C. 

Mary Linda Miles 

Wilson, N. C. 

Russell Raymond Miller, Jr. 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Jo Anne Morris 

Aulander, N. C. 



Bonnie Love Musgrove 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Kay Frances Narron 

Kenly, N. C. 

Grover Lee Nelms 

Nashville, N. C. 

Marge Latham Nelson 

Robersonville, N. C. 

Mary Page Newton 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Robert Clifton Nolan 
Decatur, Ga. 

Jane Lindsay Osgood 

New Bern, N. C. 

Wanda LaVerle Pittman 

Wilson, N. C. 

Gladys Butler Prince 

Selma, N. C. 

Susan Marietta Puglia 

Elizabethtown, N. C. 

Randolph Wayne Ratterree 

Wilson, N. C. 

Harold Stewart Rayner, Jr. 

Clinton, N. C. 

William Raymond Redding, 

Wilson, N. C. 

Gail Richey 

Dunn, N. C. 

Henry Hester Rogers 

Wilson, N. C. 

Madge E. Rogerson 

Robertsonville, N. C. 

John Arthur Rolfison 

Richmond, Va. 

Catherine Ann Rose 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Shelia Scott 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Sarah Elizabeth Shackelford 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

Anna Carolyn Sharpe 

Greensboro, N. C. 

Ruby Sharpe 

Wilson, N. C. 

Alice Louise Shepard 

Wilson, N. C. 

Betty Jane Shepard 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Amelia Jayne Smith 

Garland, N. C. 

Douglas Smith 

Kinston, N. C. 

Nathan Lee Smith 

LaGrange, N. C. 

Micki Raines Snipes 

Princeton, N. C. 

Phyllis Ann Snipes 

Durham, N. C. 

Cfaudious Albert Stalltngs, Jr. 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Billy Leroy Stevens 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

William Joseph Tart 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Audrey Annette Smith Tew 

Wilson, N. C. 

David Lee Tharrington 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Linda Westbrook Thorton 

Newton Grove, N. C. 





William Dhue Tice 

Williomston, N. C. 

Clarence Edward Todd 

Wendell, N. C. 

Rae Torrey 

Laurel Bay, S. C. 

Helen Tripp 

New Bern, N. C. 

Thomas Allen Turbeville, 

Wilson, N. C. 

Mary Agnes Tyre 

Williamston, N. C. 

William Douglas Vick 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ann Louise Von Miller 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jo Ann Watson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Susan Rae Webb 

Kinston, N. C. 

Barbara Jean Wheless 

Farmville, N. C. 

Leslie Gail White 

Kinston, N. C. 

Cynthia Jane Wiggs 

Fremont, N. C. 

Judy C. Wiles 

Winston-Salem, N. C 

Phillip A. Williams 

Wallace, N. C. 

Phillip Wayne Williams 

Robbins, N. C. 

Kathryn Elizabeth Winchester 

Greenville, N. C. 

Jonah T. Windham 

Fremont, N. C. 

Rebekah Raye Winstead 

Wilson, N. C. 

William K. Winstead 

Decatur, Ga. 

Millie Woodbury 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Barbara Ellen Wooten 

Elm City, N. C. 

Valeria Worrell 

Stantonsbury, N. C. 

Dell Dee Yelverton 

Fremont, N. C. 

Myoung Soon Yim 

Seoul, Korea 

Dr. Seong Hi Yim, president of 
Chungang University and uncle 
of Myoung Soon Yim and Churl 
Soon Yim, presents Dr. Wenger 
with a silk scroll as a gesture of 
good will. 



Collegiate reporter Alice Shepard interview; 
Swedish student Eva Holmberg. 

Jerry Ashworth, team captain for the student 
fund drive, receives a pledge from Ray Smith. 

David Fernald at work in the Chemistry lab. 




Joe Eastman 


Richard Surles 

Vice President 

Randy Smart 


Richard Davenport 



Ann Bunn receives help in her library assign- 
ment from Mrs. Irene Harrell. head librarian. 

Happy smiles show that classes are out at last. 

A.C.C. students swing to the music of the 
Rhythm Rockets. 



Mary Lu Abbott 

Wilson, N. C. 
Edward Patrick Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 
Theron Ray Adams, Jr. 

Willow Springs, N. C. 
William A. Allman, Jr. 

Zebulon, N. C. 
Anne Elizabeth Amerson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Diana Lynn Anderson 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Cherylyn Ann Arnold 

New London, Conn. 
Avis Jeanette Ashley 

Edenton, N. C. 
Janet Carol Atkins 

Lexington, N. C. 
Martha Pearline Atkins 

Richmond, Va. 

Clyde Barry Averett 

Oxford, N. C. 
Andrew F. Bagfey 

Worchester, Mass. 
Jerry Owens Bailey 

Farmville, N. C. 
Walter D. Bailey 

Kenly, N. C. 
Ann Carol Baker 

Wilson, N. C. 

E. Annette Banks 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
James Frederick Barber 

Portsmouth, Va. 
Reba Inett Barefoot 

Dunn, N. C. 
Stanley Lee Barham 

Butner, N. C. 
Huldah Jean Barnes 

Wilson, N. C. 

Glenda Kay Barwick 

Kinston, N. C. 
Barbara Ann Bass 

Black Creek, N. C. 
Sandra Mae Bass 

Nashville, N. C. 
Ann Vick Beal 

Nashville, N. C. 
Joan Marie Beaman 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

Thomas Dale Belf 

Woodland, N. C. 
Howard Stevens Benton 

Wilson, N. C. 
John Joseph Bernardini 

Liverpool, N. Y. 
Mary Linda Bethune 

Linden, N. C. 
Carl Farrior Blades, Jr. 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

Carl Joseph Blythe 

Wilson, N. C. 
Janet Lavone Bottoms 

Wilson, N. C. 
Charlie Tayloe Bowers 

Washington, N. C. 
Louis Stephen Boykin, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. 
Edna Lenora Bradshaw 

Macon, Ga. 

Judy Lynne Brantley 

Zebulon, N. C. 
Linda Dianne Brantley 

Bailey, N. C. 
Anthony Clyde Brewer 

Robbins, N. C. 
Elizabeth L. Brinson 

Mt. Rainier, Md. 
James A. Britt, Jr. 

Dunn, N. C. 



Charles Ross Broods 

Plymouth, N. C. 
Leon Guthrie Brown 

Chinquapin, N. C. 
Susan Elizabeth Brown 

Gastonia, N. C. 
Betty Ann Brubaker 

Kinston, N. C. 
Sandra Lee Bunn 

Sims, N. C. 

Constance Gayle Cain 

Garland, N. C. 
Vicky Carol Carson 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 
Melvin Spencer Carter 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Judy Carolyn Casey 1 ' 

Arapahoe, N, C. 
Charfene Childress 

Winter Haven, Fla. 

Sylvia Hitch Clark 

Colonial Beach, Va. 
Barbara Ann Clifton 

Clinton, N. C. 
Donald Bain Coe, Jr. 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
George Afvin Collier 

Kinston, N. C. 
James Braxton Council, Jr. 

Hallsboro, N. C. 

Mary Louise Crawford 

Pikeville, N. C. 
Fred Wayne Creech 

Selma, N. C. 
Barbara Croom 

Zebulon, N. C. 
Jackson Carl Crosswhite, 

Salem, Va. 
Linda Helen Crowson 

Sanford, N. C. 

Sarah Phyllis Crutchfield 

Macon, Ga. 
Dorothy Jean Dail 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Robert James Daniels 

Morehead City, N. C. 
Richard Edward Davenport 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Fred E. Davis 

Norfolk, Va. 

Henry Clay Davis, Jr. 

Sanford, N. C. 
Gloria Kay Dawson 

Seven Springs, N. C. 
John Perry Day 

Burlington, N. C. 
Cornelius Jordan Deans, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C 
Judy Ann Dixon 

New Bern, N. C. 

Martha S. Dixon 

Greenville, N. C. 
Geneva DuRant Edgerton 

Pikeville, N. C. 
James Bryant Edgerton 

Pikeville, N. C. 
Brenda Jean Ellis 

Wilson, N. C. 
Eddie Ellis 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sheryl Cox Elmore 

Wilson, N. C. 
Rebecca Sue Farmer 

Elm City, N. C. 
Robert Marion Farmer 

Wilson, N. C. 
George Farr, Jr. 

Asheville, N. C. 
Walter Hoke Faulkner 

Red Oak, N. C. 



Nancy Mewborn Ferguson 

Murfreesboro, N. C. 
James Clarence Fields 

Wilson, N. C. 
Mary Janet Fields 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Florence Rebecca Finch 

Spring Hope, N. C. 
Gleen Thoma- Frazier 

Whitakers, N. C. 

Carol Irene Gardner 

Tonawanda, N. Y. 
Joseph Henry Garris, Jr. 

Kenly, N. C. 
Judy Garland Gaskins 

Vanceboro, N. C. 
Nannie Marie Gaskins 

Bayboro, N. C. 
Victor John Gauzza 

Arlington, Va. 

Rebecca Sue George 

Griffon, N. C. 
Sara Jane Gill 

Wilson, N. C. 
Sankie Jean Glenn 

Mount Olive, N. C. 
Connie Earline Goodwin 

Sanford, N. C. 
Dorothy Gayle Goodwin 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Cassandra Grady 

Kinston, N. C. 
John Whitfield Grady 

Jacksonville, N. C. 
Dorothy Gayle Grantham 

Sanford, N. C. 
Jean Raye Gray 

Newport, N. C. 
Bobby Allen Griffin 

Beulaville, N. C. 

Linda Kaye Griffin 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Merla Susan Griffin 

Beulaville, N. C. 
Elizabeth Cordelia Grimes 

Robersonville, N. C. 
Zebulon Zachary Hadloy, III 

Wilson, N. C. 
Paul Frederick Hale 

Wilson, N. C. 

Edward Neal Hanchey 

Richmond, Va. 
Carlton Glenn Hardee 

Greenville, N. C. 
Stuart Wayne Hardee 

Greenville, N. C. 
Mary Darlene Hardy 

LaGrange, N. C. 
Mary Evelyn Hardy 

Kinston, N. C. 

Floyd E. Homage, Jr. 

Jacksonville, N. C. 
Barbara Jean HarreN 

Saratoga, N. C. 
Brenda Marcelle Harrell 

Fountain, N. C. 
Sue Carroll Harris 

Havelock, N. C. 
Elizabeth George Hart 

Kinston, N. C. 

James Patrick Haynes 

Wilson, N. C. 
Robert Shears Hays 

Cary, N. C. 
Leroy Shiefds Hester 

Durham, N. C. 
William Hewitt 

Devon, Conn. 
Carolyn LaRue Holland 

Kenly, N. C. 



James Edward Holland, Jr. 

Willow Springs, N. C. 
Carolyn Sue Honeycutt 

Middlesex, N. C. 
Evelyn Joyce Johnson 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Judith Horton Johnson 

Goldsboro, N. C. 
Rufus Donzell Johnson, Jr. 

Severn, N. C. 

Thomas O. D. Johnston 

Falls Church, Va. 
Crissandra Kay Jones 

Richmond, Va. 
Mary Catherine Jones 

Oxford, N. C. 
Robert Killingsworth Jones 

Beaufort, N. C. 
Clarence Allen Kelly 

Newport, N. C. 

Ruth-Anne Keleher 

Wilson, N. C. 
Linda Sue Kennedy 

Robbins, N. C. 
Myrtle Harper Kennedy 

Mount Olive, N. C. 
Vivian Ann Kirk 

Jacksonville, N. C. 
Nancy Jane Knott 

Cary, N. C. 

Collie Emily Lamm 

Sims. N. C. 
Judy Carolyn Lamm 

Lucama, N. C. 
Annie Ruth Lancaster 

Pikeville, N. C. 
Christopher Lange 

St. Augustine, Fla. 
William Lardey 
Spring Lake, N. C. 

Raleigh Hinton Lanier, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Pamela Grace Larmer 

Newport News, Va. 
Jerry Lee Lawson 

Portsmouth, Va. 
Barbara Elizabeth Layton 

Edenton, N. C. 
Jerome Bunn Leete 

Durham, N. C. 

Janet Faye Lewis 

Wilson, N. C. 
Mamie Louise Lewis 

Macclesfield, N. C. 
Janet Ruth Linville 

Kenly, N. C. 
Pamela Lutz 

Wilson, N. C. 
John Fleming Lyon, Jr. 

Bahama, N. C. 

Patricia Dale McAbee 

Burlington, N. C. 
Sherry Lee McCabe 

Camp Lejeune, N. C. 
Sarah Emily McCauley 

Ruquay Springs, N. C. 
Judy Carole McCosley 

New Bern, N. C. 
Dennis Banks McCotter 

Arapahoe, N. C. 

Merlayne Jo Mcintosh 

Wilson, N. C. 
David McLawhorn 

Ayden, N. C. 
Michael John Maclaga 

Wilson, N. C. 
Richard Loren Macy 

Jacksonville, Fla. 
Robert Haze Makey 

Dunn, N. C. 



Jerry Allen Monnen 

LaGrange, N. C. 
Vergil M. Mansfield 

Wilson, N. C. 
William Andrew Martin, Jr. 

Farmville, N. C. 
Faye Lancaster Massey 

Pikeville. N. C. 
Max M. Massey 

Princeton, N. C. 

James Lloyd Matthews 

Wilson, N. C. 
James A. Mercer 

Hampton, Va. 
Martha Sue Mewborn 

Kinston, N. C. 
Harriett Ann Mobley 

Kinston, N. C. 
James Archie Mobley 

Williamston, N. C. 

Lillian Annette Mosley 

Farmville, N. C. 
Edgar Oliver Murphrey, Jr. 

Farmville, N. C. 
Mary Speight Murphy 

Stantonsburg, N. C. 
Melissia Ann Murray 

Spring Hope, N. C. 
Eleanor Marshall Nelson 

New Bern, N. C. 

Lynn Davis Norfleet 

Williamsburg, Va. 
Bettie Lou Norville 

Fountain, N. C. 
Mary Kathryn Overman 

Kenly, N. C. 
James Alan Overton 

Wilson, N. C. 
Donald Ervin Owens 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

George Bennett Owens 

Gates, N. C. 
Marjorie Owens 

Colonial Beach, Va. 
Mary Ann Parks 

LaGrange, N. C. 
Robert Lewis Pearson 

Efland, N. C. 
Judy Paulette Pegram 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Mary Beth Perkins 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Dorothy Philyaw 

Comfort, N. C. 
Garland Morris Pike 

Trenton, N. C. 
Katherine Marie Pippin 

Fremont, N. C. 
Frances Rose Pittman 

Fairmont, N. C. 

Laurie Lee Pittman 

Fairmont, N. C. 
Margaret Leigh Pittman 

Lucama, N. C. 
Jimmy Neil Pollard 

Varina, N. C. 
Jones Davis Pollard 

Durham, N. C. 
Larry J. Poore 

Washington, N. C. 

Judy Fay Poythress 

Wilson, N. C. 
Ruth Norris Price 

Selma, N. C. 
Stephen D. Price 

Seven Springs, N. C. 
Alie Privette 

Wilson, N. C. 
John Dewey Privette 

Wilson, N. C. 



David Earl Putnam 

Smithfield, N. C. 
Mary Helen Ragsdale 

Smithfield, N. C, 
Anne Page Ratterree 

Matthews, N. C. 
James Mitchell Reel 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Margaret S. Reid 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Zelma Joy Reynolds 

Kinston, N. C. 
Thomas Eugene Robbins 

Tarboro, N. C. 
James Clark Rose, III 

Morehead City, N. C. 
Jacob Alfred Royal 

Newport News, Va. 
James Edward Royster, Jr. 

Oxford, N. C. 

Carolyn Sanders 

Middlesex, N. C. 
Louise Byrant Sauls 

Eureka, N. C. 
Lynda Mae Sawyer 

Winston-Salem, N. ( 
Patricia Anne Seburn 

Wilson, N. C. 
Kenneth John Seifert 

North East, Pa. 

Stanley Mullen Sharber 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Barbara Gail Shaw 

Four Oaks, N. C. 
James K. Shooke 

Belmont, N. C. 
Julia Alice Sigmon 

Stanley, N. C. 
Jill Marie Simpson 

Lucama, N. C. 

Joan Lee Sims 

Wilson, N. C. 
Randal Norris Smart 

Hamlet, N. C. 
Alice Jean Smith 

Fayetteville, N. C. 
Deborah L. Smith 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Douglas W. Smith 

Lawrenceville, 6a. 

Laura Lee Smith 

Bolton, N. C. 
Patricia Ann Smith 

Greenville, N. C. 
Patricia M. Smith 

Fredericksburg, Va. 
Judith Gayle Spelt 

Cottageville, S. C. 
Edith Nell Spivey 

WMlow Springs, N. 

Charles Sherwood Spry 

Lexington, N. C. 
Jane Lewis Stealings 

Wilson, N. C. 
Ronald Lee Stephenson 

Kinston, N. C. 
Lou Strickland 

Farmville, N. C. 
Pamela LaVon Strickland 

Durham, N. C. 

Treva Dyanne Strickland 

Zebulon, N. C. 
Larry James Strong 

Hamlet, N, C. 
Mary Lynn Strpud 

Kinston, N. C. 
Larry Wilson Taylor 

Snow Hill, N. C. 
William Gillespie Thompson 

Colonial Beach, Va. 



Belinda Kaye Thornton 

Benson, N. C. 
Vicki Jo Tolston 

Red Oak, N, C. 
Emmie Diane Tomlinson 

Wilson, N, C. 
Kathleen Jackson Traylor 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Terry Lynn Vause 

Kinston, N. C. 

Annette Vick 

Sims, N. C. 
Dorothy Sugg Vick 

Wilson, N. C. 
Reuben N. Watkins 

Lucama, N. C. 
Bennett Eugene Watson 

Lucama, N. C. 
Linda Sue Watson 

Selma, N. C. 

Joyce Elaine Watts 

Hickory, N. C. 
David Maryland Webb 

Wilson, N. C. 
Kathryn Winborne Webb 

Wilson, N. C. 
George R. Westbrook 

Mount Olive, N. C. 
Linda Jean Whitley 

Elm City, N. C. 

Carol Ann Wickham 

Smithfield, N. C. 
John Joseph Williams 

Morris Plains, N. J. 
Judith Peggy Williams 

Wilson, N. C. 
Mary Ann Williams 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C, 
Nancy Carol Williamson 

Washington, D. C. 

Judie Day Willis 

Smyrna, N. C. 
Michael Gray Willis 

Smyrna, N. C. 
Gloria Dean Wilfoughby 

Farmville, N. C. 
Sue Lee Wilson 

Dunn, N. C. 
Linda Faye Winborne 

Wilson, N. C. 

Vanda Doris Winstead 

Zebulon, N. C. 
Wallace Wade Woodoll 

Raleigh, N. C. 
Charles Vernon Woodard 

Princeton, N. C. 
Dorothy Christine Wyman 

Hendersonville, N, C. 
Susanne Ball Yeomans 

Harkers Island, N. C. 

Special Students 

William R. Batchelor 

Wilson, N. C. 
Victor Stewart Batchelor 

Murfreesboro, N. C. 
Eva Holmberg 

Facky Backaby, Sweden 
Richard A. Oliver, Jr. 

Kenly, N. C. 



February brings six inches of snow to whiten the 
Atlantic Christian College Campus. 

"Mr. Warren, do we have a registration card for 
'Rac' Coon?" 

The Bulldog Marching Band, headed by the 
drum major and majorettes, lines up for another 
long hike. 

Mr. B. H. Barden has an interesting after- 
class chat with two of his students. 


u Unere are two ways of spreacfina liant: 

to be me canole 

or me mirror mat reflects it " 

Edith Wharton 


Cooperative Association 

The 1962-63 "Year of Progress" of the Coop- 
erative Association was headed by the twenty-one 
member Executive Board, with E. B. Shearin as Pres- 
ident. The Board performed the duties of conduct- 
ing elections, preparing a budget, and formulat- 
ing and supervising governmental policies. The 
Board also led the Association into more active 
membership in the North State Student Govern- 
ment Association and in the National Student As- 

The Executive Board appointed three standing 
committees: Concert and Assembly, with Jim Bos- 
well as chairman; Social, with Carol Harper as chair- 
man; and Bohunk, with Mary Jo Buffaloe as chair- 
man. Bob Bishop was recognized as the National 
Student Association Co-ordinator and Janice Lamm 
was appointed to serve as Corresponding Secretary 
of the Cooperative Association. 

Amendments to its constitution were prepared 
by the Executive Board during the year. One such 
amendment, which was approved by the student 
body, provided for the nominations of Cooperative 
officers to be made by the respective classes in- 
stead of by the Executive Board. Another amend- 
ment, which was added after considerable debate, 
abolished the point system which had regulated 
the distribution of campus offices. 

The Executive Board resumed its practice of plac- 
ing a book in the Hardy Library in memory of a 
deceased member of a student's immediate family. 

Seated: E. B. Shearin, Jr., President. Standing (left to 
right): Sandra Freedman, Vice-President; Ken Thorn- 
ton, Treasurer; Alease Willoughby, Secretary. 

It gave financial assistance to the only private col- 
lege of South Africa and endorsed the Student 
Fund Drive of the College Development Program. 
During the 1962-63 year, the Executive Board 
enriched campus life and expressed the good will 
of Atlantic Christian College on state, national, 
and international levels. 


Seated (left to right): Sherri Hearn, Senior Senator; Rex 
Home, Junior Class President; Eloise Reel, Junior Senator; 
Gina Allen, Sophomore Senator; Charlie Brown, Freshman 
Senator; Bob Makey, Freshman Senator; Jackie Riven- 
bark, Women's Dormitory Association President. Standing: 
Bob Stone, Senior Class President; John Cox, Senior 
Senator; Oden Latham, Junior Senator; Bobby Roberson, 

Sophomore Senator; Joe Eastman, Freshman Class Presi- 
dent; Jess Maghan, Men's Dormitory Council President; 
Mr. Ashton Wiggs, Faculty Advisor. Not pictured: Jerry 
Ashworth, Sophomore Class President; B. H. Hinnant, 
Day Student Representative; Mr. D. L. Warren, Dean of 


Women's Dormitory Association 
Seated: Anna Peel, Vice President; 
Jackie Rivenbark, President. Stand- 
ing: Mary Jo Buffaloe, Secretary; 
Eloise Reel, Treasurer. 

Miss Sarah Bain Ward 

Dean of Women 

Women's Dormitory Association 

The Women's Dormitory Association for all res- 
ident women students was headed by President 
Jackie Rivenbark. Its governing body, the House 
Council, decided upon the necessary disciplinary 
measures that were needed during the year. 

Under the guidance of Miss Sarah Bain Ward, 
Dean of Women, and her associates, the Asso- 
ciation sponsored a drive at Christmas for gifts 
for underprivileged children. The Association also 
directed the campus caroling activities which were 
held at Christmas time. 

Throughout the year, the Association competed 
in the women's intramural program and sponsor- 
ed candidates for the Y anous beauty contests. 
The Council, which led the organization in its ac- 
tivities during the 1962-63 year, was composed 
of President, Jackie Rivenbark; Vice-President, 
Anna Peel; Secretary, Mary Jo Buffaloe; and 
Treasurer, Eloise Reel. 




•Sv: : S- 


' ■■■■!' 

Men's Dormitory Council 

The Men's Dormitory Council, composed of all 
residents of Hackney Hall and Hackney Hall An- 
nex, was governed in 1962-63 by Jess Maghan, 
President; Chip Harris, Vice-President and Treas- 
urer; and Phil Williams, Secretary. Mr. Daniel 
Hensley, Dean of Men, served as the faculty ad- 

The Council was well represented in the intra- 
mural sports program by its two teams. It spon- 
sored an informal Christmas Dance, held in Hack- 
ney Hall lobby, for the carolers. It combined ef- 
forts with the Women's Dormitory Association to 
obtain and distribute gifts to needy children. All 
of these activities helped to make the year a busy 
one for the Men's Dormitory Council. 

Mr. Daniel Hensley 

Dean of Men 

Men's Dormitory Council Officers 
Left to right: Jess Maghan, Pres- 
ident; Phil Wililams, Secretary; Chip 
Harris, Vice-President, Treasurer. 


George-Anne Willard 

We, the 1963 Pine Knot staff, present the results of our work 
to the faculty and students of Atlantic Christian College. 

The Editor and her assistants, Elizabeth Anne Ferrell, Sherri 
Hearn, and Janice Lamm, began work on the theme, organization, 
and layout for the Pine Knot last summer. During the months that 
followed, the staff endeavored to produce a yearbook that would 
give full and attractive coverage of school events and all organized 
campus groups. 

The 1963 yearbook was not completed without much sweat, toil, 
and loss of sleep. Endless hours of debate, research, planning, pre- 
paring picture schedules, writing and rewriting copy, drawing page 
layouts, identifying photographs, and typing were spent in the 
drab but usable Pine Knot room in the Co-op Building. Some of our 
minor problems included deciding who would go to Tweetie's for cof- 
fee when we were approaching somnambulism, who would "poke the 
fire" before we became human icebergs, and who would clean up 
the potato chips that had been ground into the floor. We will never 
forget our "fireside chats," our friendly "feuds" with the Collegiate 
staff, and the background music (?), provided by our next-door 
neighbor, WACR. 

The Editor and staff members would like to express appreciation 
to all who assisted in the preparation of this book, to Mr. Milton 
Rogerson, our advisor, and to Delmar Printing Company for their 

We sincerely hope that all who read the pages of the 1963 Pine 
Knot, now and in the future, will be proud of Atlantic Christian 
College for its accomplishments and for its dedication to the 
goal that "they shall have the light of life." 

Mary Louise Wesrphal 

Business Manager 

Charles Brooks 


Mr. Milton Rogerson 



£*T* !$*.., € 


Gareth Jones, Maurice Belanger, Rex Home. 


Sherry McCobe, Elizabeth Ferrell. 


Janice Lamm, Sherri Hearn. 

Administration and Classes 

Carolyn Cameron, Goldie Douglas, Eleanor Walters, Kay 


Student Life 

Janet Kelly, Pam Larmer. 

The Collegiate 

The Collegiate contributed to the Atlantic 
Christian College community by providing "the 
student body and faculty of this institution with a 
means of communication and a free discussion of 
the interests of the day." Under the leadership 
of Hatten Hodges, Editor, and Alice Shepard, Bus- 
iness Manager, the weekly publication served to 
preview, report, and evaluate student affairs. The 
Collegiate also made an effort to cover happen- 
ings of the day on a local, national, and interna- 
tional level. 

The 1962-63 Collegiate contained an excel- 
lent editorial page, including a section for special 
letters to the editor, which gave the readers an 
opportunity to express their viewpoints on differ- 
ent subjects. The Collegiate continued its mem- 
bership in the North State Conference Press As- 
sociation and in the National Advertising Service, 

Hatten Hodges 

Alice Shepard 
Business Manager 

Collegiate Staff 

Seated (left to right): Lynn Hardison, Gail Richey, Morty Maghan, Assistant Editor. Not pictured: David Webb, 

Lette. Standing: Charles Brooks, Photographer; Patsy Assistant Business Manager; Frank Montgomery, Sports 

Seburn, Make-up Editor; Mary Louise Westphol; Jerry Editor; Bob Stone; Barbara Clifton; Steve Love; Jim 

Ridling; Les Godwin; Anita Shore; Cherylyn Arnold; Jess Boswell. 


John Todd 
Station Manager 

Jim Black 

Business Manager 


In the fall of 1962, WACR began its second 
year of broadcasting on the Atlantic Christian 
College campus. The radio station, operated by in- 
terested students and managed by John Todd, 
presented the student body with programs of value 
and interest, as well as those designed strictly for 
entertainment. Its staff gained a thorough work- 
ing knowledge of the facets of commercial radio 
and some students, after having worked with 
WACR, obtained jobs at commercial radio sta- 

During the past year, WACR offered live cov- 
erage of various campus events. It also gave the 
staff training in sports announcing and in the 
fundamentals of radio engineering. Since WACR 
was a relatively young organization, its facilities 
were somewhat limited. Although all objectives 
were not obtained, the station overcame many 
handicaps in order to provide a wider range of 
training and programing for the students of At- 
lantic Christian College. 

WACR Staff 
Left to right: Todd Holmes, Tony 
Brewer, Marty Dixon, Gerald 
Leach, Tod Johnston, Jimmy Pol- 
lard. Not pictured: E. B. Shear-in, 
Jr., Jerry Bowers. 



Mr. James V. Cobb 

Miss Janet Danielson 

The Atlantic Christian College Chorus, under the 
direction of Mr. James V. Cobb, was opened to all 
interested students. The chorus sang musical com- 
positions, sacred and secular, which were represent- 
ative of all periods of musical history. Miss Janet 
Danielson served as accompanist. 

The seventy-five member group was very active 
this year. On December 13, the band and chorus 
combined their talents to present a program of 
Christmas music for the student body. The tradi- 
tional Christmas Vesper Service was given in How- 
ard Chapel during the holiday season. Forty of the 
members were selected to travel on tour through- 
out North and South Carolina during March and 

Another college musical group, the Vocal En- 
semble, was composed of a select group of singers. 
For the second year, the ensemble fulfilled its pur- 
pose of singing literature that was suitable for small 
groups. Both the chorus and the ensemble repre- 
sented the college well at home and on tour. 

Vocal Ensemble 
First row (left to right): Maloye Lathram, Joyce LaCelle, 
Scarlet Mills, Judy Rose. Second row: Pot Roberson, Gino 
Allen, Arnold Nilsen, Jr., Ann Hayes, Janice LaCelle. 
Third row: Zeb Jones, Oden Latham, Jimmy Dougherty, 
Jeff Kilpatrick. 

Atlantic Christian College Chorus 
Sopranos: Gina Allen, Ann Amerson, Glenda Barwick, Sandra 
Bass, Ann Beal, Betty Brinson, Ann Bunn, Judy Dixon, Judy 
Gaskins, Sankie Glenn, Cassardra Grady, Beth Grimes, Ruth 
Honeycutt, Marcia Kallfelz, Joyce LaCelle, Maloye Lathrom, 
Sarah MacCauley, Martha Sue Mewborn, Scarlett Mills, Pat 
Roberson, Patsy Sebum, Alice Shepard, Deborah Smith, Pat 
Smith, Linda Thornton, Eleanor Walters, Gail White, Carol 
Wickham, Barbara Wooten. Altos: Nancy Britt, Jessie Burt, 
Olinda Camden, Carol Carawan, Peggy Caulk, Barbara Dixon, 
Carol Gardner, Marilyn Hall, Ann Hayes, Janice LaCelle, Jean 
Murphy, Judy Rose, Kathy Traylor, Nancy Williamson, Kathy 
Winchester. Tenors: David Barrow, Tom Bell, Jim Council, 
Bob Farmer, Sam Jones, Zeb Jones, Oden Latham, Ed Mercer, 
Arnold Nilsen, Bob Nolan, Ken Serfert, Randy Smart, Paul 
Wilson. Basses: Jimmy Adams, Jim Black, John Brett, Charles 
Burt, Jim Dail, Jim Dougherty, Fred Davis, Marcus Hamilton, 
Rex Home, Jeff Kilpatrick, Gerald Leach, Carroll Perry, Steve 
Perry, Bobby Raeford, Billy Smith, Sherwood Spry, Ron Strick- 
land, Al Turbeville. 



During the year 1962-63, the Atlantic Christian 1 
College Band functioned in a dual capacity, serving 
as a marching and a concert band. Both were di- 
rected by Mr. Neal O'Neal. 

The forty-five piece Bulldog Marching Band ap- 
peared throughout the state in a variety of festivals 
and parades. The highlight of the year was the an- 
nual weekend trip to Wilmington, North Carolina, 
for the Azalea Festival Parade. Seven majorettes 
were selected to serve with the marching band. 
Marilyn Bryant was chosen as the Head Majorette 
and Bob Stone served as the Drum Major. 

The Atlantic Christian College Concert Band pre- 
sented Fall and Spring Concerts. During the Christ- 
mas season, the Concert Band presented a pro- 
gram of Christmas music. In addition, the members 
participated in Homecoming activities and in the 
graduation exercises on the campus. 

Mr. Neal O'Neal 

Bob Stone 
Drum Major 

Marilyn Byrant 
Head Majorette 

3?*"2! 3 

Left to right: Lina Jane Joyner, 
Emily McCauley, Janet Bottoms, 
Barbara Layton, Marilyn Sebum, 
George-Anne Willard, Assistant 

Atlantic Christian College Band 

June Abbott, Theron Adams, 
Jimmy Aycock, David Batchelor, 
John Boykin, Ann Brinson, 
Charles Burt, Sylvia Clark, Bobby 
Corbett, Barbara Dixon, Linda 
Edwards, Eddie Ellis, Thomas 
Faison, David Fernald, William 
Gill, Cassandra Grady, LaMar 
Green, Bobby Griffin, Marcus 
Hamilton, Ann Hayes, Jo Ann 
Herring, Todd Holmes, Rex 
Home, Becky Lennon, Robert 
Leonord, Betty Matthews, Margie 
Owens, Judy Parrish, Steve Perry, 
Sheila Scott, Sherwood Spry, 
Tommy Swanson, James Watson, 
Jo Ann Watson, Dale William- 
son, Charles Woodall. 


Stage and Script 

Stage and Script provided the campus with another year of high 
quality dramatic entertainment. Mr. Cecil Willis, new instructor of dra- 
matics, supervised the club which was led by Mary Lu Webb, President. 
Membership was composed of approximately thirty-five students who 
jvere interested in acting, costume design, make-up, and stage manage- 

Stage and Script presented four three-act plays and six one-act 
plays this year. The club and Mr. Willis were off to a good beginning 
early in November with the first full-length production, Pots of Money. 
In December, the acting group presented a bill of three one-act plays. 
"Quare Medicine" by Paul Green delightfully exercised the theme of 
feminine dominance. "The Haunted Cellar" was a drama concerned 
with mysterious noises in a bookstore basement. "A Child's Garden of 
Curses," written and directed by Mr. Willis, was well received by a very 
appreciative audience. 

The first of the spring semester productions was The Importance of 
Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. The comedy, which was provided with 
an appropriate valentine setting, revolved around the name "Ernest." 
The production was competently directed and very entertaining. The 
exciting drama by August Strindberg, entitled Queen Christina, had its 
American premiere on the Atlantic Christian College stage. The cast in- 
cluded Eva Holmberg, a native of Sweden, as the Swedish Queen; James 
Barbour as Baron Klas Tott; George Farr as Count Magnus De La Gardie; 
and the director, Mr. Cecil Willis, as Count Axel Oxenstjerna. Also in 
the spring, the dramatists presented another group of one-act plays. A 
repeat performance was given of "A Child's Garden of Curses." The 
Stage and Script members enacted a portion of George Bernard Shaw's 
Caesar and Cleopatra, and used part of the play's fourth act as the col- 
lege's entry in the North Carolina Dramatic Festival held in April at 
Chapel Hill. 

This rehearsal scene was one repeated 
many times by the Stage and Script 

Stage and Script Members 
Seated (left to right): James Barbour, Treasurer; Cecil Davis, Corresponding Secretary; Aileen 
Clark, Wardrobe Mistress; Mr. Cecil Willis, Director; Mary Lu Webb, President; Hilda Griffin, 
Recording Secretary; George Farr, Vice-President. Standing: John Grady, Dotty Wyman, Dar- 
row Clark, Barbara Llewellyn, Sally Knight, Eva Holmberg, Cherylyn Arnold, Lynn No'rfleet, 
B. H. Marshall, Sandra Freedman, Sankie Glenn, Chris Lange, Mary Nelson, Jim Burroughs', 
Ann Morgan, Zeb Jones. 


m •. ■ 

f.9 1 

fc M ' 

wk 7 jl 

■ i 

■ f ■ -*Bkri^ LMV... ^fc, -.-.■■ 

W^Yf ' '. ^ll 

rBHferl mm 


W, '91 

i P^MMr-rV - iA'KA 

r *-«%F 





Pots of Money 

The chief fall production was Pots 
of Money. The setting of the farce, 
by Eugene Lubiche and A. Delacour, 
was in France. In the three-act play, 
Boursey (Jim Burroughs) and his card- 
playing friends robbed the "kitty" to 
finance a spree to Paris. The acting 
of Bob Royal as Poche, manager of 
a marriage salon, and Eva Holmberg 
as Blanche helped to make the pre- 
sentation truly enjoyable. 

Left to right: Arthur Prirchard, Eva Holmberg, Barbara Llewellyn, 
Jim Burroughs. 

Fred Barber, 

"A Child's Garden of Curses" 

In both the fall and spring semes- 
ters, Stage and Script produced the 
one-act vaudeville, "A Child's Gar- 
den of Curses." This play was written 
and directed by Mr. Cecil Willis and 
provided a choice acting role in the 
character of the carnival barker. 

' f f ^^p. ; ; : ' 

-. ™^~ v. ; ps 


Left to right: Sankie Glenn, George Farr, Ann Morgan. 

Bob Royal, Fred Barber. 

The Importance of Being Earnest 

An outstanding spring presentation 
was The Importance of Being Earnest 
by Oscar Wilde. The three-act play 
was set on a valentine stage and its 
comical plot revolved around the word 
"Earnest.' 'The comedy was highlight- 
ed by the facial expressions of George 
Farr as Ernest, and by the excellent 
interpretation of the old dowager aunt 
by Sankie Glenn. 


Campus Christian Association Cabinet 
Seated (left to right): Jerry Ridling, President; Susan Webb, Treasurer; Hilda Griffin, 
Secretary; Rex Home, Vice-President; Mr. Daniel Hensley, Advisor. Standing: David 
Cahoon, Free Will Baptist Representative; Mary Louise Westphal, Methodist Repre- 
sentative; Mickey Moore, Presbyterian Rpresentative; Ann Hayes, Baptist Repre- 
sentative; Bob Nolan, Disciple Representative. 




All students enrolled at Atlantic 
Christian College during 1962-63 
were members of the Campus 
Christian Association. The cabinet 
consisted of four elected officers 
and representatives from each de- 
nomination on campus. 

The CCA. sponsored impres- 
sive religious programs during the 
college year. Addresses by well- 
qualified speakers, chapel pro- 
grams, and the annual World Uni- 
versity Service Drive constituted 
some of the most important con- 
tributions of the Association. 

The Religious Emphasis Program 
was planned differently this year 
by the CCA. Instead of one full 
week of addresses concerned with 
a single religious theme, promi- 
nent speakers were invited to ad- 
dress the students and faculty on 
separate occasions. Dr. Winfred 
Garrison, Chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Philosophy at the Univers- 
ity of Houston, was invited to the 
college to launch the modified 
program of emphasis upon religion. 

Campus Awareness Committee 
Seated: Tom Pierson, Chairman; Dr. Dan McFarland. Standing: Dr. J. P. Tyndall, 
Mr. Robert Capp. Not pictured: June Burwell, Graham Atkins, Charles Cockrell, 
Jim Boswell, Mr. James V. Cobb. 


The Campus Awareness Com- 
mittee received its financial sup- 
port and recognition from the Ex- 
ecutive Board. This year, Tom Pier- 
son was named Chairman of the 
committee. The Campus Aware- 
ness Committee Board was com- 
posed of representatives from Pi 
Alpha, Young Democrats Club, 
Young Republicans Club, Science 
and Mathematics Club, and Con- 
cert and Assembly Committee. 

A major concern of the commit- 
tee continued to be one of stimu- 
lating student interest on subjects 
of national importance as well as 
those of community significance. 
It also functioned as an advertis- 
ing and publicity group to inform 
the student body of happenings 
on campus. 


First row (left to right): 

Melvin Purvis, Chaplain; 

Accounting Club Members 

Lennis Brinson, Jr., President; James Bishop, Secretary-Treasurer; 
,...„,,..„., Don Overman, Reporter; Mr. George Swain, Advisor. Second row: 
Grover Dees, Jay Hare, Jimmy Williams, Richard Keel. Third row: B. H. Hinnant, Frank 
Whitley, Gary Wagner, Ronald Dorsey, Charles Bennett, Jamie Bonner, Jr. Not pictured: 
Thurman Smith, Henley Hales, Paul Brewer, Roy Jones, William Gupton, Woody Tetterton, 
James Richardson, Ted Peacock, Lemuel Bartlett, Charles Price, Henry Howell, Evans Hall, 
David Peebles, Willis Hardesty, Vice-President. 


The Accounting Club, organized to emphasize 
the importance of accounting in the business world, 
was presided over by President Lennis Brinson dur- 
ing the 1962-63 year. The club required that all 
members be upperclassmen who had taken at least 
nine hours of accounting courses. 

Advised by Mr. G. W. Swain, Chairman of the 
Business Department, the group held many club 
meetings during the two semesters. At one of the 
sessions, Mr. A. J. Walston, a local C.P.A., address- 
ed the membership. 

As a continuing service activity, the Accounting 
Club offered assistance to students who had prob- 
lems with accounting. The organization also helped 
its members in obtaining satisfactory employment 
in the accounting field. 

Phi Beta Lambda, the business fraternity on 
campus, acted as a service organization to the 
Department of Business and to the entire school. 

Namon Register was elected to the position of Pres- 
ident and Mrs. Lynne West and Mr. Benjamin 
Bardin were faculty advisors. 

Eligibility for membership in Phi Beta Lambda 
required that each candidate earn an overall "C" 
average with a further prerequisite of three semes- 
ter hours in the field of business. 

The business fraternity participated in many ac- 
tivities during the year. The annual Christmas party 
was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. West, and 
the members purchased gifts for needy children. 
The group sent delegates to the State Convention 
in Durham during the second semester. Phi Beta 
Lambda members conducted a candy sale in order 
to finance their worthy projects. Throughout the 
year, the business organization secured well-quali- 
fied guest speakers to address the members of the 
regular meetings. 

Phi Beta Lambda 
Seated (left to right): Namon Register, President; Diane Fleming, Vice-President; Sheryl 
Elmore, Treasurer; Nell Spivey, Historian; Judy Lee, Reporter. Standing: Mrs. Lynne West, 
Advisor, Mamie Lewis, Mary Linda Bethume, Barbara Clifton, Reba Barefoot, Johnnie 
Hales, Phyllis Snipes, Pat Neal, Pat Smith, Eleanor Nelson, Charlene Childress, David 
Alford, Nancy Knott, Pat A. Smith. Joyce Johnson, Laura Smith, Mr. B. H. Bardin, Advisor. 

Phi Beta 


Student National Educational Association Members 
Seated (left to right): Anna Peel, Vice-President; Jackie Rivenbark, President; Carolyn An- 
thony, Chaplain; Inez Sasser, Treasurer; Jo Ann Wiggs, Secretary. Standing (front row): Mr. 

Eugene Purvis, Advisor; Arnold Nilsen, Sibyl Sanderford, Virginia Millard, Carol Harper, 
Mary Allen, Cynthia Wiggs, Sandra Stott, Eloise Reel, Frances Lucas, Linda Raper, Phyllis 
Stevenson, Ruth Honeycutt, Linda Forrest, Pearl AdarYis, LaVerle Pittman, Betty Pope, Pat 
Smith, Helen Edmundson, Suzanne Yeomans, Mary Anne Robertson. Back row: Mary Hardy, 
Lida Griffin, Betty Ferrell, Jean Daniels, Mary Alice Hamilton, Kay Little, Billy Kilpatrick, 
Janice Pope, Carolyn Boyette, Frances McLendon, Kay Deans, Faye Weeks, Barbara Wooten, 
Anne Wood, Bill Davis. 

The Clyde A. Ervin Chapter of the Student Na- 
tional Educational Associations was presided over 
by the President, Jackie Rivenbark. Mr. Eugene Pur- 
vis served as faculty advisor. This year, the member- 
ship of the Association increased and as a result, 
the organization participated in the Annual Fall 
Convention held in Raleigh, published a News Let- 
ter, and attended the Spring Convention which was 
also held in the capital city. The club secured guest 
speakers, many of whom were well-known educa- 
tors. Throughout the year, S.N.E.A. strove to ac- 
quaint prospective teachers with the history, ethics, 
and program of the teaching profession. 

Under the direction of President Charles Cock- 

rell, the Science and Mathematics Club invited 
several outstanding speakers to address the mem- 
bers at their meetings. Dr. Joseph Campbell, Public 
Health Officer for Wilson County, discussed the 
role of science in the future; and Dr. John McCain, 
psychologist for the Wilson Mental Health Clinic, 
spoke on the subject of mental health. Dr. Richard 
W. Ramette, Chairman of the Department of Chem- 
istry at Carlton College in Minnesota, addressed 
the club while on tour for the American Chemical 
Society. The club members took field trips in quest 
of further technical information. Dr. J. P. Tyndall 
provided guidance as faculty advisor. 

Science and Mathematics Club Members 
First row (left to right): Dr. J. P. Tyndall, Advisor; Charles Cockrell, President; Randy Whitley, 
Vice-President; Evelyn Edwards Whitley, Secretary-Treasurer. Second row: Miss Janet Win- 
stead, Jimmy Jenkins, H. H. Fuller, Lee Corbett, Johnny Baker. Third row: John Thigpen, 
Diane Moore, David Fernald, Mr. Robert Hollar. Fourth row: Mr. W. A. Bridgers, Dr. Mar- 
garet Newton. Not pictured: James Adams, Joe Blythe, Hurbert Burden, David Cahoon, Chip 
Harris, Jere Hembly, Donald Ivey, Evan Keel, William Nixon, Randolph Reese, Chester 
Spruill, Carolyn Waller, Julius Wooten. 

Science and 




English Club Members 
Left to right: Mrs. Edna Johnston, John Grady, George Janice Lamm, Mrs. Doris Hall, Dr. Mildred Hartsock, 

Farr, Linda Busby, Jim Burroughs, Mr. Cecil Willis, George-Anne Willard, Sheila Scott. 

English Club 

The English Club of Atlantic Christian College 
was reorganized this year and opened its member- 
ship to all interested majors and minors of the Eng- 
lish Department. The organization offered oppor- 
tunities for discussion of the arts and their inter- 

In lieu of club officers, program directors provid- 
ed student leadership by planning programs for the 
meetings. The members especially enjoyed the tra- 
ditional Christmas party held in the home of Dr. 
Mildred Hartsock. The group, under the sponsor- 
ship of the English faculty, included about thirty 

The Forensic Art Society of Atlantic Christian 
College was organized on December 6, 1962, under 

Forensic Art Society 

the direction of Mr. Cecil Willis. Its membership 
was opened to all full-time students interested in 
debate, panel discussions, the art of conversation 
and other speech activities. An initial debate was 
held in January on the subject of "Federal Aid to 
Education." Charlie and Gene Brown debated the 
negative against an affirmative team of Jess Mag- 
nan and Bob Stone. The Society voted to challenge 
the Harvard Debate Team and selected the affirm- 
ative side on the subject "The Authenticity of Folk 
Medicine as an Effective Remedy in Consideration 
with Other Fields of Modern Medicine." The group 
sent two delegates to the South Atlantic Forensic 
Tournament held at Lenoir Rhyne in March. 

Forensic Art Society Members 
Seated (left to right): Bob Stone, Vice-President; B. Not pictured: George Farr, Charlie Brown, Gene 

H. Marshall, President; June Abbott, Secretary- Brown, Joyce Norman, Bill Hare, Fred Barber, James 

Treasurer. Standing: Jess Maghan, Tod Johnston, Shooke, Mr. Cecil Willis, Advisor. 

John Boyd, Sherri Hearn, Chris Lange, Morty Leete. 


Sigma Pi Alpha Members 
Seated (left to right): Mr. Hugh Johnston; Goldie Douglas, President; Elizabeth Ferrell, Vice- 
President; Hilda Griffin, Treasurer; Dr. Esther Long, Advisor. Standing (front row): Linda 
Busby, Linda Benson, Carolyn Cameron, June Burwell, Sandra Freedman. Back row: Jess 
Maghan, Hugh Chase, John Cox, Don Overman, Maurice Belanger, Richard Johnson. Not 
pictured: Hubert Burden, Shelton Justice, Janice LeCelle, George-Anne Willard, Millie Wood- 
bury, Secretary. 

Pi Alpha 

Sigma Pi Alpha, an 
honorary fraternity for stu- 
dents with interest and 
scholastic achievement in 
foreign languages, featur- 
ed guest speakers from 
other countries at its meet- 
ings. Interesting, informal 
discussions followed the 
talks of the foreign visitors 
who described the life, cus- 
toms, and other aspects of 
their homelands. The an- 
nual Christmas party was 
a highlight of the year. The 
members presented skits 
and readings and sang 
Christmas carols in Ger- 
man, French, and Spanish. 
Sigma Pi Alpha sought 
to increase interest in the 
modern foreign languages 
and to add to the knowl- 
edge of the students enroll- 
ed in the foreign language 
program at Atlantic Christ- 
ian College. Goldie Doug- 
las served the organization 
as President and Dr. Esther 
Long was faculty advisor. 

Left to 


Pi Alpha 

The membership of Pi 
Alpha, the political science 
club of Atlantic Christian 
College, was composed of 
students especially inte- 
rested in political and gov- 
ernmental affairs and hav- 
ing three semester hours 
in the field of political sci- 
ence. The officers who gov- 
erned the club were June 
Burwell, President; John 
Cox, Vice-President; and 
Tom Pierson, Secretary- 
Treasurer. The advisor was 
Mr. Robert C. Capps. Dur- 
ing the year, the organiza- 
tion encouraged discussion 
and debate of national and 
international issues. 

right: Sandra Freedman; 
Secretary-Treasurer; Walter Woodard 

Pi Alpha Members 

John Cox, Vice-President; June 

Burwell, President; Tom 





One of the political organizations 
on the campus during 1962-63 was 
the Young Democrats Club. The 
Y.D.C. worked to foster an interest in 
the Democratic Party and to help the 
members to understand its internal 
structure. Membership was opened to 
anyone interested in the objectives of 
the organization. Tom Pierson was 
selected as President and Mr. R. G. 
Capps guided the group as advisor. 

This year, Y.D.C. planned several 
significant activities. Guest speakers 
were brought in to speak to the mem- 
bers and among those invited was the 
Honorable Thad Eure, Secretary of 
State in North Carolina. Tom Pierson 
attended the meetings of the State 
Young Democrats Convention, which 
was held in "Raleigh during October. 
The A.C.C. organization supported 
the actions of the national and state 
Democratic Party and held joint meet- 
ings with college clubs from Louisburg 
and East Carolina. The club also 
voted to accept a new state Young 
Democrats constitution. 

Young Democrats Club Members 
Seated (left to right): Tom Pierson, President; Mary Louise Westphal, First 
Vice-President; Lennis Brinson, Second Vice-President. Standing: Dewey Shef- 
field, Charles Smith, June Burwell, Walter Woodard, Sandra Freedman, John 
Cox, Don Overman. Not pictured: Bill Bardin, Secretary-Treasurer. 

Young Republicans Club Members 
Seated (left to right): Graham Atkins, President; Lester Brantley, Vice-Pres- 
ident; Larry Carroll, Secretary; Bill Etheridge, Treasurer; Dr. Dan McFarland, 
Advisor. Standing: Richard Powell, Ralph Gurganus, Chris Lange, Lyn Mayo, 
Jerry Leach, Thomas Robbins. Not pictured: Cherlyn Arnold, Nancy Smith, 
Larry Wood, Jimmy Aycock, Sally Knight, Carlaine Richards, Corresponding 




The Young Republicans Club held 
its first meeting of the year early in 
October. All interested persons were 
invited and urged to join the organiza- 
tion, which offered a training ground 
for future leaders. The club's purpose 
was to increase interest in the Repub- 
lican Party and to give practical poli- 
tical training. Dr. Dan McFarland 
acted as advisor of the Y.R.C. 

President Graham Atkins attended 
the Young Republican college conven- 
tion in Winston-Salem. In December, 
Robert Webb, a Wilson lawyer, spoke 
to the club concerning ways to advance 
the Republican Party. The Young Re- 
publicans of North Carolina held their 
state convention for the spring in 
February, with Chris Lange and Jerry 
Leach representing the Atlantic Chris- 
tian College organization. 


Golden Knot Honor Society 

The Golden Knot Honor Society continued to pro- 
mote the cause of academic achievement among the 
students of Atlantic Christian College. The Society 
sought to uphold the ideals of the college and to en- 
courage high qualities of scholarship, character, 
leadership, and service. 

The Honor Society was headed by Janice Lamm 
as President and Maurice Delanger as Secretary- 
Treasurer. Miss Ann Solomons and Mr. Eugene Pur- 
cell served as advisors of this honor group. 

During the spring semester, new members were in- 
ducted into the Golden Knot Honor Society at an im- 
pressive tapping ceremony. 

"To do things 

worthy of honor 

through difficulties." 

Golden Knot Honor Society Members 
Seated (from left to right): Miss Ann Solomons, Advisor; Eloise Reel, June Burwell, Jerry Ridling. Not pictured: Pat 

Maurice Belanger, Secretary-Treasurer; Janice Lamm, Pres- Hines, Evelyn Edwards Whitley, Arthur Pritchard, Ann Hayes, 

ident; Mr. Eugene Purcell, Advisor. Standing: Richard John- Tom Pippin, Tomi Parham. 

son, Mickey Hayes Moore, Sandra Freedman, Hatten Hodges, 

in .ami tin 

m ii hwimh ' m . ~ww»mww< i »mmm m ri S BB S -■■m .m. , 


Who's Who 

Among Students in 
American Universities 
I and Colleges 

In November, twelve seniors of Atlantic Chris- 
tian College were named to the Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges. The 
recipients of this honor were chosen by a vote of 
the college faculty and administration. They were 
selected on the basis of their scholarship, leader- 
ship, and citizenship qualities. 

Sandra Raye Freedman 

Patricia Blanche Hines 

Robert Charles Bishop 

June Elizabeth But-well 

Faye Lee McKinnon 

Ellen Faye Bradley 

Linda Salter Busby 

Frank P. Montogomery 

Edwin Thomas Parham 

Jerry Arthur Ridling 

Elmo B. Shearin, Jr. 

Evelyn Edwards Whitley 

Hr i ^^B 

" i- i. " '* 

^ Ifwf 

B^ "*" ^Bi 


» : ■ 


B**- c» ^K 







First row (left to right): Sopho- 
more Class — Hubert Burden, 
Gail Richey; Freshman Class — 
Diana Lynn Anderson, John 
Wilkerson. Second row: Junior 
Class — Linda Benson, Fred Ays- 
cue (Chief Marshal), Tom Pip- 


At the beginning of the spring semester, seven Atlantic Christian Col- 
lege students were chosen as marshals for the 1963 year. The honor was 
awarded on the basis of academic excellence. The duties of the marshals 
included serving as ushers during the graduation exercises in May. 

The Circle K Club, sponsored by the Wilson Kiwanis Club, functioned 
primarily as a service organization. The members were selected on the basis 
of leadership ability and their willingness to participate in projects of benefit 
to the Atlantic Christian College community. Since the chartering of the club 
about five years ago, it has completed many significant projects and has 
earned a proper place among the organizations for Atlantic Christian men. 
In addition to the campus projects that have been undertaken, the club mem- 
bers occasionally have assisted with local Kiwanis projects. During 1962-63, 
Tom Pippin served as President of Circle K. 

Circle K 


Circle K Members 
to right: Warren White- 

hurst, Sergeant At Arms; Frank 
Whitley, Treasurer; Richard 
Johnson, Secretary; Tom Pippin, 
President; Maurice Belanger, 
Vice-President; Jerry Ridling, 
Chaplain; Gary Faison, Publicity 


Inter Fraternity Council 


Jay Barnhill President 

Ted Peacock Vice-President 

Sidney Jean Wilson Secretary 

Ed Perkins Treasurer 

Under the leadership of Jay Barnhill of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, the Interfraternity Council served an- 
other successful year as the supervisory and govern- 
ing body of all Greek letter social organizations. 
The group carried out their responsibilities of gov- 
erning rush, pledging, initiation, and of encourag- 
ing the scholarship of the Greeks. 

The Council began its 1962-63 program by 
sending to incoming Freshmen attractive brochures 
that told about I.F.C. and the individual Greek or- 
ganizations at Atlantic Christian College. During 
Freshman Orientation, I.F.C. sponsored a picnic 
for the new students and held discussion groups 
to acquaint them with Greek life. 

Fall Rush was held October 22-25, under the di- 
rection of Joel Newton. Rushees visited all four 
sororities or fraternities in order to be eligible to 
receive a bid. After "quiet period" had passed, 
there was a total of one hundred fifty-three new 
pledges. In February, the Rush process was re- 
peated, but not on such a large scale. 

Gareth Jones was appointed to head plans for 
the third annual Greek Week sponsored by I.F.C. 
The week was the social highlight of the year for 
the Greeks. It began on February 27 with the tradi- 
tional Greek Sing. During the week, the Greeks 
scheduled a Stunt Night, a dance, and a two 
o'clock breakfast at the Wilson Country Club. As a 
climax to Greek Week and to the many activities of 
the Interfraternity Council, a concert was given by 
the well-known Ivy League Trio. 

Interfraternity Council Officers 

Jay Barnhill, Sidney Jean Wilson, Ed Perkins. Not pictured: Ted 

The popular Ivy League Trio performs ot the Greek 
Week concert. 

I.F.C. Representatives 

(Seated) Delta Sigma: 
Eleanor Walters, Lucille 
Greene, Omega Chi: Mary 
Johnston; Phi Sigma Tau: 
Fan Faulkner, Gina Allen; 
Sigma Tau Chi: Patricia 
Collins, Susan Puglia. 
(Standing) Alpha Sigma 
Phi: R. D. Stroud, Willie 
Tart, Alternate; Delta 
Sigma Phi: Jimmy Adams; 
Sigma Phi Epsilon: Bob 
Bishop, Goreth Jones; 
Sigma Pi: George Angel, 
Tom Pippin, Alternate; 
Advisor, Mr. D. L. Warren. 


Becky Brantley 
Lynn Houseman 
Judy Parrish 

Ann Rose 
Eleanor Walters 
Jo Ann Wiggs 

Fall Pledge Class 
Seated (left to right): Nannie 
Gaskins, Gale Goodwin, Sankie 
Glenn, Sandra Hardison, Suzanne 
Yeomans. Standing: Betty Mat- 
thews, Jo Anne Morris, Sue Har- 
ris, Helen Tripp, LaVerle Pitt- 
man, Tempie Brake, Judy Lee. 

1 14 

Delta Sigma 


Eleanor Walters President 

Judy Parrish Vice-President 

Ann Rose . . Secretary 

Jo Ann Wiggs Treasurer 

Amid rememberances of a wonderful beach 
party, the new year of 1962 opened for Delta 
Sigma Sorority. The sisters renewed their pledge 
to the goals of the sorority — to foster friendship, 
to raise personal standards, and to encourage co- 
operation on campus. 

The sorority was proud of its members who as- 
sumed leadership on campus — Judy "Bird" Par- 
rish as President of W.R.A. and Harper Hall 
Dormitory President, and Eleanor Walters as a 
Pine Knot Staff member. The sisters were busy 
from the first, decorating their wing of Harper 
Hall. Early in October the sisters began their so- 
cial year by sponsoring a dance in the Bohunk. 
Good music and refreshments were enjoyed by 
those who attended and the new students became 
better acquainted with the upperclassmen. 

Then came a hectic Fall Rush and a visit to the 
old South for the sisters and rushees. When it was 
all over, the sorority had gained eighteen pledges 
for a very successful Rush. The sorority's candi- 
date for the first beauty contest of the year, Betty 
Brinson, was chosen as the "Most Popular Fresh- 
man Girl." 

At Christmas time, Delta Sigma joined with 
its brother fraternity, Sigma Pi, in entertaining a 
group of underprivileged children. The sisters also 
joined their brothers at their annual Christmas 
Party. At the end of January, the pledges were 
initiated into the sorority. Together, the new 
sisters and the old busied themselves with the pre- 
paration of the Student Directory and with money- 
making rummage sales. 

During the year, the Delta Sigmas actively par- 
ticipated in the W.R.A. intramural program. The 
sisterhood placed third in the volleyball champion- 
ship and second in the tourncment play-offs. In all 
their activities the sisters of Delta Sigma had the 
welcomed support of their sponsors, Miss Jessie 
Daniel, Mrs. Millard P. Burt, and Mrs. Bethany 

Delta Sigmas enjoy their trip to the beach. 

Delta Sigma Sisters harmonize during the Greek Sing. 


Ann Brinson 
Goldie Douglas 
Elizabeth Ferrel 
Tempie Griffin 

Mary Johnston 
Janet Kelly 
Marty Waltrip Leach 
Lee McElhaney 

Lyn Mayo 
Anna Peel 
Sylvia Petterson 
Judy Rose 

Carolyn Sharpe 
Alice Shepard 
George-Anne Willard 
Sidney Jean Wilson 

Omega Chi wins first 
place in the Greek Sing. 

l 16 

Omega Chi 


Sidney Jean Wilson President 

Marty Waltrip Leach Vice-President 

Anna Peel Recording Secretary 

Sylvia Petterson Corresponding Secretary 
George-Anne Willard Treasurer 

Omega Chi Sorority, with Sidney Jean Wilson 
as President, experienced one of its most suc- 
cessful years since the organization was founded 
in 1956. As school opened for the 1962-63 term, 
Hilley House became the new home of Omega 
Chi with Mrs. Carrie Whitfield serving as house- 
mother. Mrs. Jack McComas continued to serve as 

Preparation for Fall Rush began during the 
summer when Omega Chi had an active chapter. 
Meetings were frequently turned into workshops 
to make decorations and to formulate plans for 
Rush Week. About a week prior to the big event, 
the sisters held a weiner roast for the freshman 
and transfer girls. The chief chefs for the cook- 
out were the Sorority's brothers, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 
The Rush program of Omega Chi took the rushees 
into the showboat days of the South. The house 
was transformed into a showboat, complete with 
sundeck, paddle wheel, buoys, and floor show. 
Omega Chi ended Rush Week with the largest 
number of pledges among the sororities. Thirty- 
nine girls were seen around campus wearing their 
red and white ribbons. The pledges soon became 
involved in such projects as the sale of fruit cakes 
and the Sunday morning sale of doughnuts in 
Harper and Caldwell Halls. 

One of the outstanding social events was the 
Christmas party held jointly with Sigma Phi Epsi- 
lon. Members and pledges of both organizations 
enjoyed a buffet supper and a dance. Other 

Eight Omega Chi sisters do their popular strobe number for the 
visitors during Fall Rush. 

Christmas activities included a supper at the home 
of Mrs. McComas and a party held at the sorority 
house for the sisters and pledges. 

Formal initiation of the pledges and a banquet 
honoring the new sisters were held in February. 
Carolyn Cameron was named the "Outstanding 
Pledge." The pledge class presented their sorority 
with a sign, in the shape of the sorority pin, that 
was placed on the front of Hilley House. In the 
spring, many of the Omega Chi sisters enjoyed 
the annual beach party at Morehead. Sunburns, 
bridge games, and dancing all helped to make the 
week-end trip a memorable one. 

Foil Pledge Class 
Seated (left to right): Pat 

Taylor, Lynda Sawyer, Mar- 
ty Dixon, Karen Samsel, 
Betty Baucom, Susan Brown, 
Annette Banks, V a n d a 
Winstead, Becky George, 
Patsy Sebum. Standing 
(first row): Pat Windham, 
Penny Kirk, Joyce Avent, 
Carol Carawan, Judy Wood, 
Annette Mosley, Linda For- 
rest. Second row: Martha 
Sue Mewborn, M y o u n g 
Soon Yim, Ann Brisson, Ann 
Bunn, Linda Benson, Kitty 
Ward, Carolyn Cameron, 
Marty Atkins, Nancy Fergu- 
son, Mary Beth Perkins, 
Sue Wilson, Judy Dixon, 
Ann Ratterree, Ann Amer- 


June Abbott 
Gina Allen 
Florence Brooks 
Mary Jo Buffaloe 
Joyce Copeland 

Janice Cousins 
Jenny Lou Dees 
Yvonne Faucette 
Fan Faulkner 
Diane Price Fleming 

Sally Forbes 
Marilyn Hall 
Carol Harper 
Sherri Hearn 
Lucy Hicks 

Patricia Home 
Janice Lamm 
Maloye Richardson 

Linda Miles 

Mickey Hayes Moore 

Patricia Neal 
Mary Nelson 
Carlaine Richards 
Jackie Rivenbark 
Pat Roberson 

Madge Rogerson 

Sheila Scott 

Mary Anna Taylor 

Rae Torry 

Ann Von Miller 

Mary Lu Webb 

Susan Webb 

Mary Louise Westphal 

Phi Sigma Tau 


Fan Faulkner President 

Jackie Rivenbark Vice-President 

Carol Harper Secretary 

Sherri Hearn Treasurer 

Phi Sigma Tau Sorority, oldest Greek organiza- 
tion on the campus, was chartered at Atlantic 
Christian College in 1912. For a half a century, 
the members have tried to uphold the true mean- 
ing of the name- — Phi for faithfulness, Sigma for 
sincerity, and Tau for truthfulness. 

From the beginning to the close of the 1962-63 
school year, the sisters engaged in many activi- 
ties. The Top Hat Dance again was sponsored by 
the Phi Sigs, and the representative of the Senior 
Class, Tomi Parham, was named Mr. Top Hat. 
The event was held in the lobby of the Classroom 
Building and music was furnished by the Rhythm 
Rockets. A night club setting, complete with kick 
line and hat check girls, provided the background 
for skits and songs by the Greek organizations. 

"Original Greeks" was selected as the theme 
of the sorority's Rush. Twenty-five new pledges 
were welcomed as a result of the rush program. 
To celebrate living in their new home, the Phi 
Sigma Tau sisters held open house at Christmas 
for the faculty and administration. 

With the beginning of the second semester, 
seventeen new sisters were initiated into the sister- 
hood, and the "Outstanding Pledge" award went 
to Patsy Powell. Susan Webb, a sister, was elected 
1963 Pine Knot Queen. The Spring Banquet was 
held at the Ship 'n Shore, and in May, the year 
was climaxed by a Senior Breakfast honoring the 
departing members of Phi Sigma Tau. 

P h i Sigma Tau 
entertains at an 
open house in 

Gina Allen sings and 
dances at the Top Hat 
Dance sponsored by the 

Fall Pledge Class 
Seated (left to right): 

C h a r I e n e Childress, 
Judy Spell, Eleanor 
Nelson, Vicki Tolston, 
Ann Beal, Val Deans, 
Janet Bottoms, Nancy 
Williamson, Connie 
Goodwin, Patti Mc- 

Abee. Standing: Barbara 
Layton, Betty Brubak- 
er, Mary Hardy, Cook- 
ie Hart, Kathryn Webb, 
Doris Barefoot, Linda 
Goodwin, Mary Lynn 
Stroud, Kathy Traylor, 
Dean Willoughby. 


Barbara Baldwin 

Nancy Britt 

Nellie Mac Bryan 

Sandy Huggins 

Patricia Collins 
Virginia Hays 
Lynn Hardison 
Johnne Owens 

Mary Newton 
Susan Puglia 
Gail Richey 
Mary Tyre 

Lib Shackelford 
Evelyn Edwards Whitley 
Alease Willoughby 
Millie Woodbury 

Sigma Tau Chi 


Patricia Collins President 

Sandy Huggins Cogdell Vice-President 

Sylvia Johnson Secretary 

Nellie Mac Bryan Treasurer 

'^Qj(injj£w&Jt L ^ > 

The third floor of Caldwell Hall became the home 
of Sigma Tau Chi Sorority this year, and the sisters 
enjoyed decorating it with bulletin boards and 
scenes depicting their sorority life. 

The purpose of the sorority was to promote 
friendship among its sisters by inculcating the prin- 
ciples of truth, honor, and duty — the essentials of 
true friendship and sisterhood. Sigma Tau Chi en- 
couraged scholastic achievement, promotion of so- 
cial interests, and the furtherance of charitable and 
benevolent purposes. 

The sisterhood worked hard in October in pre- 
paration for the annual Rush Week. The theme for 
the Sigma Tau Chi Rush program was A Visit to 
Germany. After bids went out, there were thirteen 
new pledges to wear the yellow and white. 

February marked an important event for the 
Sigma Taus as their pledges were initiated as full 
sisters. The sorority also held its annual Alumnae 
Banquet at which many of the Sigma Tau Chi 
alumnae attended. 

Several of the sisters gained recognition for their 
organization by taking part in beauty contests. 
Barbara Clifton was a candidate for "Most Popular 
Freshman Girl," and Laura Smith was named 
Homecoming Queen. 

Delta Sigma Phi, the brother fraternity, and the 
sisters joined in planning the breakfast and dance 
for Greek Week, as part of their participation in 
the activities. 

Pat Collins served as President of Sigma Tau Chi 
during 1962-63. 

Greeks are served breakfast at the Country Club during 
Greek Week festivities. 

Fall Pledge Class 
Left to right (front row): Peggy Caulk, Betty Brinson, 
Glenda Barwick. Back row: Cookie Wickham, Mary 
Linda Bethune, Laura Smith, Barbara Clifton. 


Alpha Sigma Phi 


R. D. Stroud President 

John Thigpen Vice-President 

Joel Newton Secretary 

Billy Bass Treasurer 

Foil Pledge Class 
Left to right (bottom row): Floyd Harnoge, Thomas Bell, John 
Wilkerson. Top row: Rick Murphy, Bill Ethridge, Jay Royal. 

In September, Alpha Sigma Phi, with R. D. 
Stroud as President, began another active year. 
Having attended the bi-annual convention in 
Miami, Joel Newton brought back new ideas from 
the national body. 

As the result of an active Rush Week, the 
fraternity received a pledge class of six. Alpha 
Sig scored a victory in the Marlboro Contest. They 
accomplished this feat by saving 12,000 cigarette 
packs. At the beginning of the year, the brothers 
set up a recreation area in the basement of their 
house. This project included a new paint job in 
the fraternity colors of red and gray. 

The coming of Christmas brought on parties 
and serenades. One of these parties was heid with 
the sister sorority, Phi Sigma Tau, at which time 
the brothers and sisters joined in singing and in 
exchanging gifts. Carolyn Sharpe represented 
Alpha Sigma Phi in the "Miss Merry Christmas" 
court and also in the contest for the Pine Knot 

Homecoming proved successful for Alpha Sig. 
The brothers won first place for having the clean- 
est fraternity house on campus. Many of the 
alumni returned for the Homecoming activities. 

The annual banquet, held in commemoration of 
the founding of the Gamma Lambda Chapter of 
Alpha Sigma Phi, was one of the final events of 
the year. 

Some of the brothers of Alpha Sigma 
Phi enjoy a game of cards in their rec- 
reation room. 


Graham Atkins 

Billy Bass 

James Britt 

Roland Dodson 

Paul Flowers 

Gene Gregory 

R. D. Stroud 

Willie Tart 

John Thigpen 

Joe Pat Tolson 


Delta Sigma Phi 


J. Kelly Adams President 

Bill Elmore Vice-President 

Ed Perkins .... Secretary 

Horton Godwin Treasurer 

Rush Week at the Delta Sigma Phi 

Fall Pledge Class 
Left to right: Bob Harrigan, Bill Hewitt, Clem McLawhorn, 
Bob Makey, Charles Wheelus, Lawrence Gibbs. 

During the first week in September, J. Kelly 
Adams and Horton C. Godwin represented the 
Delta lota Chapter at the Delta Sigma Phi Leader- 
ship Conference at Ohio State University. At the 
meeting, the Wilson chapter was awarded second 
place for campus leadership in the small college 

As an early social event, the fraternity spon- 
sored the 27th Annual Faculty Reception in honor 
of the college staff and friends. The week follow- 
ing the reception, Delta Sigma Phi presented its 
Rush program and twenty-two prospective brothers 
were gained for the fraternity. "Founders Day" 
was observed in December with a banquet at the 
Cherry Hotel which was followed by an open 
house. At Christmas time, the annual party was 
held for children from the Apex Free Will Baptist 

In February, the brothers held open house for 
their visiting alumni. The annual Homecoming 
banquet was given for alumni and friends. On 
Parent's Day, there was a reception for the par- 
ents of Delta Sigma Phi members. In the spring, 
the Delta Sigs enjoyed their "Sailors Ball" at 

A Scholarship Dinner was held during each 
semester with an award going to the brother with 
the highest academic average. Scholarship re- 
cognition was also given to the pledge who ob- 
tained the highest grade average. This year the 
award went to Bob Harrigan. Each month, the 
brotherhood and pledge class attended a church 
in Wilson as a group. In the realm of athletics, 
Delta Sigma Phi captured the 1962 football cham- 
pionship, and brother Charles Lockamy was un- 
animously voted Lineman of the Year. 

Four of the 
brothers pro- 
vide musical 
for the Top 
Hat Dance. 


J. Kelly Adams 

Jerry Ashworth 

Don Brubaker 

Bud Cagle 

Lou Craig 

Maurice Edmundson 

D. L Ellis 

Bill Elmore 

John Eskew 

Gary Fa i son 

Bob Fleming 

Horton C. Godwin 

Jeff Kilpatrick 

Charles Lockamy 

Jess Maghan 

Cecil Marks 

Ray Mercer 
Tomi Parham 
Durwood Peg ram 
Ed Perkins, 

Charles Spell 

Al Turbeville 

Jonah Windham 

Bill Winstead 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 



Bob Bishop 
Maurice Belanger 
Rex Home 
Don Williamson 





Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers use the vocal talents which 
won the fraternity first place in the annual Greek 

Sigma Phi Epsilon began the new year with 
the "Back to School Dance," which featured the 
music of the Electros. This occasion offered the 
brothers a chance to show off their newly painted 
house and its interior decoration which they ac- 
complished during the summer months. In Octo- 
ber, Sig Ep honored the college faculty, adminis- 
tration, and friends with its annual open house 
reception. For this event the Omega Chi sisters 
served as hostesses. 

A busy Fall Rush brought Sig Ep twenty-seven 
pledges. Pledge training soon got underway and 
the casual shoe shine parties, car washes, and 
house cleaning kept the new pledges busy. The 
annual "Beatnik Party" for the brothers and 
pledges and their dates measured up to tradition 
with much fun and excitement. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon again participated actively in 
intramural sports. In the Turkey Day Race, the 
brothers won the team championship by defeating 
the defending champions, Hackney Dorm. 

The Christmas season brought serenades, a 
Christmas dance, and the annual Christmas 
party with Omega Chi. Representing the fraternity 
in the "Miss Merry Christmas" contest was Carol 
Carawan, who won the title. 

During the Homecoming week end, Sig Ep and 
Omega Chi joined in welcoming their alumni at 
a banquet at the Cherry Hotel. Annette Banks 
represented Sig Ep in the Homecoming Queen 
Contest and was chosen as second runner-up. 

In March, the lota Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon 
was well-represented at the State Sig Ep Ball at 
Durham. The chapter received the Governor's 
District award for being the best chapter in the 

Foil Pledge Class 
Left to right: John Boykin, Fred Davis, Robert Jones, Bob 
Whitely, Les Godwin, Joe Eastman, Don Johnson, John Brett. 


Bill Baggett 

Jay Barnhill 

Maurice Belanger 

John Benson 

Bob Bishop 

John Boyd 

Bobby Byerly 

Woody Caton 

John Cox 

Bill Darden 

Hatton Hodges 

Wink Holland 

Rex Home 

Richard Johnson 

Gareth Jones 

Dwight McKeown 

Russ Miller 

Tommy Moore 

Don Overman 

David Peebles 

Ken Thornton 

Warren Whitehursr 

Frank Whitley 

Dale Williamson 

Don Williamson 


Sig Ep brother and pledge work ot 
the task of painting the walls of the 
fraternity house. 


Sigma Pi 


George Angel President 

Doug Ledbetter ... Vice-President 

Gene Herring Secretary 

Ted Peacock Treasurer 

Activities for the new school year began for the 
Sigma Pi brotherhood with their annual "Most 
Popular Freshman Girl" contest. At the traditional 
dance which was held at the Cherry Hotel, the 
brothers and other students enjoyed dancing to the 
beat of the Rhythm Rockets Combo. The dance 
was carried out in Sadie Hawkins style this year 
with the winning freshman girl being Betty Brinson. 

At the end of Rush Week, the fraternity was 
proud of its fine new pledge class. After going 
through a tough pledge program, the pledges were 
initiated and a banquet was given in their honor. 

At Christmas, the Sigma Pis joined in the spirit 
of the season by giving a party for underpriviledged 
children. Afterwards, the brothers held a dinner 
and a party with their dates. 

Homecoming week end brought a reception for 
the alumni and the crowning of the fraternity's 
candidate, Laura Smith, as the Homecoming 

Delta Sigma Sorority and the brothers of Sigma 
Pi staged the concert for Greek Week, and all the 
Greeks enjoyed the performance of the Ivy League 
Trio and Lennie Maxwell. 

Participation in intramurals played an important 
part in the life of the Sigma Pis. They competed in 
football, basketball, and other sports offered by the 
A.C.C. intramural program. 

A busy year for Sigma Pi Fraternity was brought 
to a close with the annual beach party. 

Fall Pledge Class 
Left to right (bottom row): Tom Pip- 
pin, James Richardson, Robert Leon- 
ard. Top row: Wallace Woodall, Char- 
les Brooks, James Mercer. 


Fall rushees visit the Sigma Pi Frater- 
nity House. 



George Angel 

Billy Gill 

Wayne Gray 

Gene Herring 

Jerry Leach 

Doug Ledbetter 

Bobby Lynch 

Ted Peacock 

Doug Swain 

The Ivy League Trio sings for the 
Sigma Pis and their dates at a fra- 
ternity party during Greek Week. 


u <L)Ae walks in beauty liAe me niant 
Of cloudless chines ano starry sAies- 
^nno all tnaPs oest of oar A and oriant 
JlLeet in ner aspect and ner eves" 



^ine JCno/ Queen 
JI&ss Susan ls)e66 







Annette Banks 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Pam Larmer 

Pine Knot 

Linda Journigan 

Omega Chi 

During the intermission of the gala Christmas 
Dance, Miss Susan Webb, sponsored by the Sopho- 
more Class, was proclaimed Pine Knot Queen for 
1963. The yearbook beauty, from Kinston, was 
chosen by the student body from a group of seven- 
teen candidates. 

First runner-up for the honor was Miss Annette 
Banks. Tied for the second runner-up position were 
Miss Pam Larmer and Miss Linda Journigan. Fol- 
lowing the crowning of the new queen, she and her 
court enjoyed a special "spotlight" dance to music 
played by the Embers. 






Betty Brinson as "Daisy Mae" and Doug Ledbetter as 'Li'l Abner'' 

'Most Popular Freshman Girl" 

Miss Betty Brinson 

A contest was held in October to select the 
"Most Popular Freshman Girl." Sponsored an- 
nually by Sigma Pi Fraternity, the contest in- 
cluded seven freshman coeds representing the 
other Greek organizations. 

Voting was held at the "Sadie Hawkins" 
Dance given by Sigma Pi and the winner, Miss 
Betty Brinson, was announced during intermis- 
sion. A vivacious blonde from Mount Ranier, 
Maryland, Betty was the candidate for Delta 
Sigma Sorority. 





Seated (left to right): Millie Woodbury, Alease Willoughby, Laura 
Standing: Carlaine Richards, Queen Carol Corawan, Carolyn Sharpe. 


Miss Carol Carawan, a junior from Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, was selected as Miss Merry Christmas of 
7962. As the candidate of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fra- 
ternity, Carol was chosen by student vote to be 
queen of the Christmas season. 

Serving in her court were five attractive coeds: 
Miss Millie Woodbury, Miss Alease Willoughby, 
Miss Laura Smith, Miss Carlaine Richards, and Miss 
Carolyn Sharpe. Queen Carol and her court ap- 
peared on a colorful float in the Wilson Christmas 

Miss Carol Carawan 


At the Coronation Ball, traditionally the first 
event of the Homecoming week end, Miss Laura 
Smith was crowned to reign over the festivities. 
Laura was chosen as Homecoming Queen by 
popular vote of the student body from eighteen 
beautiful coeds representing the various organiza- 
tions. A freshman from Bolton, North Carolina, 
she was sponsored by Sigma Pi Fraternity. 

Annette Banks, second runner-up; Patti McAbee, first runner-up. 

Left to right: Linda Burgess Alice Shepard, Diane Moore, Stroud, Janet Kelly, Pam Larmer, Millie Woodbury Sherri 

Virginia Hays, Pat Windham, Scarlett Mills, Mary Lynn Hearn, Nancy Williamson, Reba Barefoot, Tempie Griffin. 



u Une life of man is macfe up of acfion 
and encfurance- and life is fruifful 
in me rafio in cunicn if is laid out 
in noole acfion or in pa fienf perseverance. 


H. P. Liddon 

Coaching Staff 

Edward L. Cloyd, Jr. 

Athletic Director 
Golf Coach 

James E. McComas 

Basketball Coach 
Baseball Coach 

James C. Pfohl, Jr. 

Cross Country Coach 
Track and Field Coach 

Not-pictured: Johnnie D. Strickland 

Assistant Basketball Coach 
Tennis Coach 

Coach McComas with 
Ray Smith, John Eskew, 
and Co-captains Tomi 
Parham and Jerry Ash- 



1 962-63 

A.C.C. Opponent 

Catawba 38 62 

Appalachian 66 82 

Elon 82 83 

Campbell 67 83 

Lenoir Rhyne 63 76 

Pfeiffer 64 62 

Pembroke 90 92 

Old Dominion 58 64 

Frederick 71 77 

Western Maryland 83 69 

Elon 58 79 

Western Carolina 66 82 

Pfeiffer 47 68 

St. Andrews 1 04 56 

Guilford . 1 08 83 

Lenoir Rhyne 68 81 

Appalachian 75 73 

Old Dominion 1 05 96 

High Point 66 93 

Western Carolina 81 94 

Pembroke 9-7 84 

Old Dominion 89 88 

St. Andrews . 1 07 77 

East Carolina 78 79 

Frederick 71 81 

Guilford 84 68 

Campbell 69 79 

High Point 66 79 

Catawba 74 89 

East Carolina 69 70 

High Point 57 90 

Coach Jack McComas' Atlantic Christian cagers, 
beset by a rash of midsemester drop outs and labor- 
ing under a decided height disadvantage, dribbled 
and shot their way to a seventh place finish in the 
Carolinas Conference. 

After losing eleven out of their first thirteen games, 
the Bulldogs bounced back to win seven out of their 
next ten. During this surge the "McComasmen" went 
over the century mark four times and went into the 
conference tournament at Lexington with a 76.6 
scoring average, highest in the conference. 

The Bulldogs were led individually by the scoring 
prowess of senior, Ray Smith, and junior college trans- 
fer student, Bill Fugate. Smith and Fugate led the 
team in the rebounding and scoring departments, 
averaging twelve points apiece per game and six and 
nine rebounds respectively. 

Seniors Tomi Parham, Terry Harris, John Eskew, 
and Ray Smith wore the Blue and White for the last 
time. Junior guard, Jimmy Rogers played out his last 
year of eligibility, leaving Coach McComas with the 
prospect of replacing five very capable performers. 

Kneeling (left' to right): Terry Harris, Jerry Ashworth, Eskew, Garry Johnson, Alton Hill, Jerry Lawson, Pete 

Jimmy Rogers, Jock Baile, Eugene Stinson. Standing: 
Maurice Walsh, Douglas Smith, Ray Smith, John 

Williams, Mike McCoy, and Tomi Parham. Not pic- 
tured: Bill Fugate, Robert Lee Bullock. 

Tomi Parham leaps for a tip-in in the opening game of the season against the 
Catawba Indians. 

Jerry Lawson, Forward 


Garry Johnson 


John Eskew 


Tomi Parham 


Bill Fugate, Forward 

t t 

Let's go 

Jerry Ashworth makes a layup and two points for the 
Bulldogs in the Homecoming game against Campbell. 

Ray Smith, Center 

Ray Smith scores in the contest against E. C. C. the 
last game of the regular season. 


Jerry Ashworth, Guard 

The referee blows the whistle as A. C.'s Jerry Ashworth "hits the deck" in the 
Appalachian game. 

Jimmy Rogers, 


Alton Hill, Center 

Terry Harris, Guard 

Eugene Stinson, 



-> JB 


w < 

\"tl ^^]^ . I 

" Jm~~-\ 



After being elected at the beginning of the school 
year, the Atlantic Christian College cheerleaders 
began working early to stimulate spirited support for 
the Bulldogs. With Tempie Griffin as Head Cheer- 
leader, the group practiced their cheers nightly until 
the strenuous routines were mastered. 

Serving as advisor to the 1962-63 cheerleaders was 
Mr. Dan Hensley. This year the squad made out-of- 
town trips to support the basketball team at its 
games with Elon, Campbell, St. Andrews, Guilford, 
and East Carolina. The girls also traveled to the 
Carol inas Conference Tournament which was held at 
Lexington in February. 

The introduction of original cheers and the en- 
couragement of good sportsmanship were among the 
accomplishments of the season's enthusiastic cheer- 

Tempie Griffin — Head Cheerleader 

First row (left to right): Carol Carawan, Lindo Burgess. Charlene Childress. Third row: Susan Webb, Kathryn 

Second row: Annette Banks, Karen Samsel, Gina Allen, Webb. Fourth row: Tempie Griffin, Head. 



Kneeling (left to right): Donold Street, Bobby Joyner, Harold Allen, Tod Johnston, 
Carlton Hardee, Hubert Burden. Standing: Coach Pfohl, Morty Leete, Morris 
Pike, Lany Strong, Henry Cox, James Shooke, Roland Gessner. 

The 1 962 Cross Country team was headed by 
Coach Pfohl, a new addition to the Atlantic Chris- 
tian College coaching staff: The squad had only 
one returning letterman, Henry Cox. The new 
members were Bobby Joyner, Lany Strong, Hubert 
Burden, Jerome Lette, Carlton Hardee, and Tod 
Johnston. After a rigorous and thorough training 
period, the seven-man team had several meets and 
ended their schedule by participating in the State 
Cross Country Championship in Raleigh. 

Under the coaching of Mr. Pfohl, the 1963 
Track team worked hard to meet the high standards 

set by the previous year's record. Letterman John 
Eskew did well in the hurdles and Senior Sam 
Thorton saw action in the distance races. Other 
events participated in by the team members in- 
cluded shot, javelin, and discus throwing; broad 
jump; and dash and sprint events. Meet competi- 
tion was keen as the A.C.C. team went up against 
Pembroke, High Point, Guilford, East Carolina, and 
Elon. The Track team also competed in the David- 
son Relays, the Carolinas Conference Meet, and 
the NAIA District Twenty-six Meet. 

Kneeling (left to right): Gene Gregory, Tod Johnston, Richard Powell, Tom Sprinkle, Bobby 
Joyner, Hubert Burden, Sam Thorton, Vic Gauzza. Standing: Eddie Holland, Morris, Pike, Lany 
Strong, James Shooke, John Eskew, Bill Winstead, Will Strickland, David Peebles, Roland 
Gessner, Coach Pfohl. 

and Field 



Left to right: Johnny Baker, Jimmy Rogers, Tomi Parham, 
Hemby. Not pictured: Dewey Hanna, Don Flowers. 

Jimmy Dail, Jerry 

The 1963 tennis season got underway on March 
23 with a match against Wesleyan College of 
Rocky Mount. The local team won the contest 4-3. 
During the weeks that followed, the A.C.C. netters 
played matches at home and away with Appalach- 
ian State Teachers College, Pfeiffer, Guilford, 
Campbell, St. Andrews, Charleston, and High Point. 
The season was climaxed in May with participation 
in the Conference Tournament. 

Returning members of last year's squad were 
Tomi Parham, Johnny Baker, Jimmy Rogers, and 
Jimmy Dail. Coach for the team was Mr. Johnny 

The 1963 golf squad, coached by Mr. Ed Cloyd, 
consisted of eleven members with Bill Autry, Bud 
Cagle, James Earp, and Bob Stone the only re- 
turnees from last year's team. Letterman Autry 
was elected as captain of the golf team. Others 
taking part in the program were Reese Hart, James 
Reel, Claude Jones, Gary Wagner, Duncan Bracey, 
Steve Love, and Jimmy Cogdell. 

The A.C. squad played a hard intercollegiate 
schedule of seventeen matches against such teams 
as E.C.C., Lynchburg, Guilford, and Campbell. In 
addition, they represented the college in the Car- 
olinas Conference and the District 26 NAIA Tour- 

Bill Autry, Team Captain 



Kneeling (left to right): Dale Williamson, Jerry Ashworth, Terry Harris, Freddy Hale, Earl 
Wade, Dick Mansfield, Bobby Bullock. Standing: Jeff Kilpatrick, Bobby Lynch, Charles 
Lockamy, Larry Poore, Woody Gurley, Wayne Plaster, Harold Allen, Jim Mobley. Not pictured: 
Ted Perry, Bill Nixon. Ronnie Stevenson, Phil Williams. 

The Bulldog baseball team, coached by Mr. Jack 
McComas, opened its 1963 schedule on March 25 
by playing a double header with the Monarchs of 
Old Dominion. Although the local team could not 
put together enough hits at the right time to win 
either of the games, Pitchers Ted Perry and Dick 
Mansfield came through with good mound per- 

The A.C.C. hitting improved greatly in the early 
season game with William and Mary. Freddie Hale 
connected for four singles and Woodie Gurley 

added a double, triple, and home run to spark a 
10-9, twelve-inning victory for Atlantic Christian. 
The Bulldogs played a schedule of twenty-one 
games. Conference foes included Appalachian, 
Catawba, High Point, Pfeiffer, Elon, and Guilford. 
Non-conference opponents were William and Mary, 
Old Dominion, New Bedford, East Carolina, and 
St. Andrews. The final game of the regular season, 
prior to the Carolinas Conference Tournament in 
Lexington, was played on May 1 1 with St. Andrews. 


This year for the first time, Atlantic Christian Col- 
lege was represented in bowling competition by a five- 
man team. In January, a campus-wide bowling tourna- 
ment was held at Westview Lanes to select the squad. 
Each of the winners received individual trophies and 
represented the college in the Regional Four Tourna- 
ment in Decatur, Georgia. Atlantic Christian was one of 
the six North Carolina colleges that participated in the 
event. Other schools from this state which were repre- 
sented were Duke, North Carolina State, Davidson, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina, Davidson, and East Carolina. 

The A.C.C. bowling team placed tenth in the tourna- 
ment, and Henry Rogers of Wilson achieved sixth place 
in individual scoring. This position entitled him to serve 
as an alternate for the National Tournament held in 
Albany, New York. 

Left to right: George Gorritz, Henry Rogers, Paul 
gen, Ric Hodges, Charles Brooks. 


Men's Intramurals 

The intramural sports program provided oppor- 
tunities for participation by Atlantic Christian men 
in a wide variety of athletic events. The intramural 
activities of the year were led by Directors Dale 
Williamson and Johnny Strickland, and were gov- 
erned by the Intramural Council. Taking part in 
the various sports were the following teams: Alpha 
Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Phi, Day Students, Hack- 
ney Dorm, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Sigma Pi. 

The intramural season got underway in Septem- 
ber with the clock golf competition, which was won 
by Joe Mories. Next, the Tennis Singles Tourna- 
ment was held with over one hundred entries. In 
October, touch football got into full swing with the 
games being played on the new field. The "Green 
Wave" of Delta Sigma Phi had an undefeated sea- 
son and captured the 1962 Intramural Football 
Championship. Billy Frazier was voted "Back of 
the Year" and Charles Lockamy was named "Line- 
man of the Year." 

In November, the annual Turkey Day Race was 
sponsored by the intramural department. Danny 
Moore outdistanced fifty-four harriers to win the 
event for the second consecutive year. Sigma Phi 
Epsilon won the team championship by outsprint- 
ing the defending champions, Hackney Dorm. 
Volleyball competition came in early February and 
Hackney Dorm "B" team succeeded in winning the 
championship. Delta Sigma Phi finished the intra- 
mural basketball season with a 10-0 record to win 
"A" League play while the Day Students captured 
top honors in the "B" League. 

In March, tournaments were held in box hockey, 
ping pong, and foul shooting. Other activities of 
the spring included track and Softball. 

Dale Williamson 
Student Director 

Mr. Johnny Strickland 
Faculty Director 

Left to right: Doug Swain, Sigma Pi Representative; Bobby Byerly, Vice-President; Danny 
Moore, President; R. D. Stroud, Alpha Sigma Phi Representative; Jeff Kilpatrick, Secretary- 
Treasurer. Not pictured: Dick Mansfield, Day Student Representative. 


Danny Moore crosses the finish line to win the annual 
Turkey Day Race. 

Members of the Delta Sigma Phi Championship Foot- 
ball Team. Front row (left- to right): Charles Lockamy, 
Horton Godwin, Bill Elmore. Back row: Bob Harrigan, 
Bud Cagle, Aubrey Smith, Durwood Pegram, Dewey 
Hanna, Gleen Clifton. 



Sigma Phi Epsilon competes against 
Sigma Pi in an early basketball tilt. 


Left to right: Henry Cox, Vice-President; Danny Moore, Advisor. Not pictured: Marian Pulley, Publicity Chairman. 

President; Tomi Parham, Secretary; Mr. James Pfohl, 

Physical Education 

A goal is scored for the varsity in the Alumni-Varsity game played in November. 

The membership of the Physical 
Education Club was made up of 
physical education majors and 
minors. Officers for the year were: 
Danny Moore, President; Henry 
Cox, Vice-President; Tomi Parham, 
Secretary; Marian Pulley, Publicity 
Chairman. Coach James Pfohl serv- 
ed as advisor to the group. 

The P. E. Club engaged well- 
known sports figures to speak to 
its members on current develop- 
ments in the field of athletics. It 
also sponsored the annual Blue- 
White basketball game in which 
past members of the Atlantic 
Christian team challenged the 
1962-63 Bulldogs. This year the 
varsity decisively defeated their 
alumni competitors 76-60 in the 
pre-season game held at the Wilson 
Recreation Center. 



First row (left to right): Pat Roberson, Vice-President; 
Lucy Hicks, Publicity Chairman; Lib Shackleford, Sigma 
Tau Chi Representative; Miss Bulow Bowman, Advisor. 
Second row: Judy Parrish, President; Janet Kelly, Secre- 
tary-Treasurer; Vicki Tolston, Phi Sigma Tau Representa- 

tive; Marian Pulley, Caldwell Hall Representative. Not 
pictured: Barbara Croom, Mamie Lewis, Harper Hall 
Representatives; Mary Ann Britt, Delta Sigma Represen- 
tative, Lee McElhaney, Omega Chi Representative. 

Women's Recreational 

Delta Sigma Sorority meets the undefeated Harper Wing team in basket- 
ball competition. 

' — RS^S^^SP 

The Women's Recreational Association 
of Atlantic Christian College sponsored a 
varied program of intramurals and recrea- 
tion during 1962-63. 

The first sport of the year was clock golf, 
in which Tempie Griffin won the champion- 
ship for the second straight year. Winner 
of the shuffleboard competition was Mary 
Anna Taylor, and Marty Atkins won first 
place in the horseshoe tournament. In 
volleyball, Phi Sigma Tau Sorority was the 

Recreation Night, held regularly during 
the year in the college gymnasium, fea- 
tured individual and dual sports such as 
trampoline, tumbling, darts, deck tennis, 
paddle tennis, box hockey, and table ten- 

The most popular competitive sport for 
the women was basketball. A clinic, super- 
vised by the women physical education 
majors under the direction of Miss Bulow 
Bowman, was held prior to the basketball 
tournament. Other tournaments were sche- 
duled by W.R.A. in badminton, table tennis, 
Softball, and tetherball. The W.R.A. pre- 
sented trophies and awards to the winners 
of the contests. Also, a "Woman of the 
Year" award was given to the most out- 
standing member of the Association. 


"S^ody znaAe me brave, 
life brings sucn olinoino fninos. 
Jieip me to Aeep my siont- 
neJp me to see arignt inaf 
out of oarA comes ligni ' 

— Grace Noll Crowell 







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if h